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Fear of Needles
by: Anonymous

I am a 34 year old woman and have the same fear. I am a pre-nursing student and want to be a nurse really bad but looking at needles cause me to hyperventilate and cry. I don't know if I can even be a nurse because of it. People think it's stupid and tell me the pain will only last a few minutes when I have to get shots etc. They don't understand the pain dosen't bother me. I usually don't even feel it. It's looking at that awful thing. I hate it.

thank you!
by: Anonymous

its the same with me. its not the pain. its it. its it going into you. but same i have to get a 3 part 1 for that cancer and i'm to scared to get it but i srsly want to get it! what i want to know is how to get over it!!!!

by: Anonymous

I am 18 and I used to hate getting shots too when I was younger,and a few times I almost hit the nurse, but that was me just being a kid. I never had extreme problems with needles until I was sixteen. I went to the doctor to get a physical and I was told that I would have my cholesterol checked. I thought I was a little too young for that. I haven't had a health problem like that in my life, and I knew that the only way to check a person's cholesterol was through the drawing of blood. When it came time for the nurse to insert the needle in my vain I freaked out so bad that I was dizzy, sweaty, and sick to my stomach. It was so bad that they had to take the needle out and just prick my finger instead. From then on I have always reacted this way whenever I am going to get a shot. So I understand how you feel. It sucks major when you have to get vaccinations.

by: Anonymous

see i rlly need help bcuz i cant even get the shot i havent had a shot in 9 yrs and my parents have tried to take me twice in the past 2 months and everytime i tackle the nurse and then either run into the bathroom or jump on the ebd thing and threaten to kick anyone who comes near me i can let the needle go in im way to terrified

thank u!
by: mike f.

... this is one of the first stories that actually really relate to me... ecept that me it took 6 nurses. same thing about the “youll get over it.” and the “its his age” im 14!!! it makes me so angry. so i say to you tnk u.

numbing cream
by: Anonymous

Hey I have NO idea how old this question is, but for anyone with a needle phobia who comes across this - there is a prescription that your doctor can give you to numb the entire area called EMLA cream. It's the only way I got the shots I needed for college. Got through a few blood tests with it too.

It really helped me - when I couldn't even tell the needle was going in, I felt fine. I was nervous as all hell the first time I used it but it really saved me.

I'm still phobic of needles (and bees as an extension of that) when the needle has to go into a muscle, but am fine with IVs and blood tests now. I just ask for the tiniest needle available.

Me Too!
by: Anonymous

I am so glad to hear that other people have this fear to the extreme that I do, I'm not someone who is afraid of pain, and I can have peircings no trouble. But an injection is a complletely different story. I have to have a needle in exactly 23 minutes. And rigt now I'm okay, but I know as soon as I walk into the doctor's surgery I'm going to embarras myself. Last time I had a needle I fainted.. Five times. I kept fainting, regaining conciousness, remembering where I was and then fainting again. I ended up lying in the corner of the room uconcious by myself for about 30 minutes all up, while the nurses contiued to give out shots. It was so scary, and I'm not afraid of the pain, or even the idea. I can't explain why I'm so scared of this, but I am.
The nurses tend to be very un-sympathetic to people like us, they tell me to "breathe" "think about something else" and the most patronising one is "stop worrying, this won't hurt". I KNOW all these things. But nothing seems to help.
I can't believe I agreed to go today, I know I'm going to be so scared and in physical pain, thanks to the panic attacks and fainting. But I look at it this way, If I get cervical cancer, I'll have a whol lot more needles to deal with. Wish me luck!

Same here.
by: Amy

I have an extreme fear of needles also. I passes out when I got my ears pierced.
Normally when I go to the dentist with my stepmom she'll let me get laughing gas while i'm getting the shots which seems to help A LOT. The last time I went to the dentist and needed a shot I was with my dad. He told me that I had to stop being a baby because he didn't want to pay for the gas. Next thing I know I have doctors hovering over me and my dad is slapping the side of my face and yelling my name trying to wake me up. I passed out, my whole body went stiff, and I stopped breathing. My dentist recommended that I get laughing gas for shots from now on, so I would recommend to anyone like me to ask about getting gas any time you need to face a needle. Personally, I love piercings and tattoos. I plan on getting many once I'm older. I think it would be a great thing if tattoo/piercing places would offer options such as laughing gas for the people like us. Other than that, I haven't found a way to get over my fear. I can't go to sleep when I think about it, it just creeps me out. Good luck to all! =]

by: Jae

Trust me, you're not alone.

That's the same thing people always tell me. "Look away" and "Think of something else".

I don't care about the pain, either. It's thinking of the needle going into my skin and then drawing the blood.

It freaks me out. The passed few times I've gone to the doctor's and they had to draw blood, I was on the floor, passed out having an anxiety attack. They sent me to the hospital every time; in which they try to stick me with more.

The bad part is that the job I'm going into will require me to get shots and blood drawn every so often. I'm trying to find some way to get over it.

So far - no luck.

helpful site
by: Anonymous

I fainted getting my belly button pierced when I was 23, and when I get blood tests I get all the physiological effects of a small anxiety attack. IV's are just hell for me --they hurt a lot and I can't stand having that tube in my vein. Unfortunately now, I have breast cancer and have more than my fair share of needles in my near future.

by: Laura

I have a fear of shots too last time i went to the doctor they gave me five shots and i passed out afterwards when i was walking down the hall.

I don't know how to fix the fear , but i feel the same as you about shots. I have to get another shot tommorow. I hope that goes well.

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