How To Cure Fear Of Needles

Fear of needles or needle phobia is a condition when the individual is extremely afraid of facing needles or injections.

Around ten percent of the population has this state of apprehension when one really feels panicky to see that shinny thin needle and goes mad with the thought of having pain when the needle would be pierced into the skin.

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Causes of fear of needles
It may be so that as a child, you once felt that numbing pain of injection and after that, you were never prepared to go for it once more. Some children apart from having a fear of injection simultaneously hate the environment of a hospital or a clinical center. Everything together seems quite disturbing and agonizing as well.

Symptoms of needle phobia
The symptoms of such a condition are not always the same. Avoidance of the situation is the primary sign of the ailment. However, other associated symptoms include fast heart palpitation, over breathing, feeling sick and dizzy, extreme sweat, mouth going dry and occasional trembling.

What should you do when you have fear of needles
Talk about your fear openly to doctors and nurses. Let them know about your apprehension. Then they will be able to help you out with appropriate suggestions and techniques.

It may be so that they may also ask you to go for an alternative treatment instead of fighting with injections and needles.

However, there are some cases when you cannot indeed go without an injection. Under such circumstances, topical creams having local anesthetic agents are aptly applied to reduce the sensation of pain.

Doctors often try to reduce the amount of pain caused by injection by the appropriate use of EMLA anesthetic ointment or iontophoresis.

However, you can also overcome fear of needles with the help of fast-acting anti-anxiety agent such as diazepam (Valium). These medicines are given to the patient before the insertion of the needle so that when the needle is applied the pain is not felt.

Such drugs are no doubt recommended but their effects on the individual are not always quite effective and pleasant.

Self help NLP as a way out
To get rid of needle phobia, you can at best make use of NLP techniques. These are wonderful procedures, which are sure to help you get rid of the fear itself rather than combating with the sensation.

The reality is that when you are sick, you have to take injections at times and NLP self help techniques enable you to face these realities in life.

With self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming, you change the structure of your subconscious mind. In this way, you are no more a victim of fear of needles.

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