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by: Anonymous

Finally! Other people! I'm afraid I don't know how to help your problem, I'm still trying with mine. Mine stems from a nightmare I had at an impressionable young age (5 or under). This nightmare was one of me having my nails fall out and the blood solidifying to form red nails. But it's not only red nails, it's all nail polish (though admittedly I deal better with lighter colours than darker and deal with girls wearing it better than when boys do). It might be that when I was younger I had a traumatic exp. and the nightmare was a manifestation, but regardless I still get the chills. My symptoms are that I feel like a chalkboard is being scratched w/. glass and I get the urge to rip off my own nails (which is what I tried to do in the dream just before I awoke). My family know about this, my mother doesn't wear nail polish and hasn't since I first told her about it almost 10 years ago (bless her soul), but my sister does. She knows but, then again she has problems of her own - she can't stand the sound of other people eating!
My family isn't very normal... :$
I hope you cure yourself, in the meantime I'm going to hope the nailpolish factories simultaneously explode and people lose interest.

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