fear of my space being invaded and my stuff touched

by Renee

this has totally killed my urge to live anymore, I've developed a phobia about other people other then my own family even coming into my apt, I keep it clean so thats not the problem I have a BIG HUGE problem with others invading my personal space, which is unavoidable being I live in a apt complex and maintenance occasionally HAS to come into my apt, that causes major panic and anxiety attacks so bad, I can't keep anything down, my psoriasis flairs which hurts AND burns, I don't like my stuff being touched by non family members, I didn't have this problem until my brain surgery in 99 now I have so many quirks that I annoy myself let alone family members, I live alone and I find myself wanting to be alone 1 minute then freaking out because I'm alone the next, I feel SO messed up it's not funny, I've started shaking literally when I KNOW the apt office is going to be coming over even if I KNOW I did nothing wrong

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