Stop Having Fear Of Music

The other name for fear of music or loud sound is ligyrophobia. In this case, you are very much apprehensive about unexpected loud sound. Have you ever heard music, which starts with a hush and gradually acquires a momentum making your ears ring with the unusual beats and thumps.

Second time you would no longer prefer to be entertained in the same way. What is most pathetic is that when the CD starts or is about to start you do not have a clue on what is going to happen in the next few minutes.

Thus, if you have fear of music, you would never like to take the risk of annoying yourself with such blasting music.

Ligyrophobia is also a fear of a sudden loud sound usually generated by computer speakers and fire alarms. Victims of this particular phobia would like to go for a mute operation of home theater system, computer, television, CD player, etc.

After everything is set they attempt to raise the volume to a comfortable level, which seems soothing to the ears.

If you are suffering from fear of music you dread to see someone blowing a balloon before you. As the balloon inflates your heart starts beating faster and faster and you cover your ears with the apprehension that any moment the balloon may burst making a loud sound.

Similar to all phobic conditions, music fear too is produced by the unconscious mind in the form of a protective mechanism. This particular phobia condition may also be triggered by multitudinous malignant events like movies, televisions or real life experiences.

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What signs and symptoms does fear of music exhibit

  • There is extreme sweating

  • Your mouth tends to become dry

  • You feel nauseous and disgusted

  • You can't breathe properly

  • Your limbs start shaking

  • You are not in a position to speak and think clearly

  • A constant feeling of sickness makes you feel irritated and uncomfortable

  • Your heart starts beating fast

  • You can't keep control on your psyche and you start acting insanely

  • You move far from reality which ultimately results in experiencing full blown anxiety attacks

Innumerable people suffer from fear of music. You are not the only victim who is destined to suffer. There is nothing dangerous about loud sound, yet you cannot save yourself suffering from fear of music.

Can self help NLP techniques be used in treating conditions of fear of music?
When you taste a bit of hot porridge without knowing whether it is hot or not your tongue doesn't burn. This is because you have already prepared your mind and not your tongue for all possible tastes.

Self-help NLP teaches you exactly the same thing. It teaches you that there is nothing to be afraid of loud noise. It is a part of life's reality and you should accept it with ease and persistence.

Once you are able to convince your psyche, you no longer suffer from fear of music.

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