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Fear of general filth, including mold...
by: Anonymous

My mother was always a perfect housekeeper. I was born in the 50's. Most mother's did not go out to work then. I was an only child. My mother worked at cleaning as if it was a job. She always got up at a certain time, had breakfast, put her makeup on, got dressed and the day began in earnest. Each morning by 9 the breakfast dishes were cleared, the table was spotless and the centerpiece in place. One never felt one could linger at the table. I grew up in this spotless environment. There were no nicks, marks, imperfections, spots, dust or mold. When I was in my 20's I cleaned. I could never do it as well as my mother but it didn't bother me. Now I am in my 60's and it does bother me! We have moved into a small apartment that is very, very old. There is MOLD galore along with general detritus, dust, marks, ground-in dirt, you name it. My heart goes out to you, oh person with the fear of mold! Tonight is the first time I have felt nauseous at the sight of a big crumb of something stuck between the edge of the linoleum and the kitchen wall. I was going to try to make a cartoon about it, except I can't draw that well.

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