Fear of Moths (Mottephobia)

by Shelly
(Essex, England.)

I'm 14-years-old and a few years back i had a horrid experience with moths, ever since then i have been too afraid to even look at a photograph of one let alone be in the same room as one.

It happened about 2 years ago, me and my family went away for aweek to celebrate my little sisters first birthday. We had all made sure all electricity in the house was off and that all windows were shut. So we are all in the car itching to go when my dad decided he needed to go to the toilet for a numbder two (they smell awful so he opened the window to air out the bathroom). When he was done we began our trip down to Blackpool.

On the way home, i needed to go to the toilet really badly but we were about 30 mins away from home so i chose to wait till then, big mistake. We arrived home and i ran into the bathroom unaware of my surroundings. After i'd done my business and flushed i turned to wash my hands when i saw them. There had to have been at least 30 of them all ovder the place, fluttering around, i had no idea how didnt notice or hear them, i must have blocked out the sound because once i'd seen them they were buzzing like hell. My dad had left the bathroom light on and the window open all week while we were away, so you can only imagine how many there could have been after a whole week. I ran out of the bathroom screaming and i explained why to my mum and dad but they started laughing at me, now when you have a fear like this no-one seems to understand and then i started to cry i was so afraid. Ever since then i have been mortified by even the thought of the horrendous creatures.

My dad eventually got them all out but now i am scarred for life and i am even afraid to go into my bathroom now with the window open it freaks me out too much. No-one knows how terrifying people with Mottephobia find moths, it's no laughing matter.

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