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by: Anonymous

Omg I HATE MOTHS they just freak me out and now there were six in my room I killed one then another came and another and so on but wheb I see one my throte closes up I start dry sobbing and shaking..... My dad laughs at me so do my friends my sis wont get up and help and dosnt really paranoid right now I am surrounded by stuffed animals, coverd in a blanket, got bug spray in hand and a flyswatter...IM SOOO SCARED RIGHT NOW and im 14.

Ever since
by: Anonymous

I thought I was a weir-doe because Im scared of moths it's been ever since I was about 11 I'm 14 now when I was 11 I was attacked by a moth sounds crazy but I was and now I have to run into my house whenever I get home at night when the porch light is on and just recently I've been attacked by a moth no joke I walked in my room and it attacked me and I came back and it attacked me again and what's really funny is that Im not scared of butterflies at all I'd let a butterfly land on me if it would I think tht moths are the mean and ugly versions of moths lol

A Deeper Meaning
by: Anonymous

OMG OMG I too am afraid of them...deathly afraid of them and butterflies too...if one gets in my house and my neighbor (who is use to being awakened in the middle of the night to come to my apt and kill it) isnt home I will just leave...sleep outside if I havt dosnt make any sense at all I have jumped from moving vehicles and whenever I see one its like this overwhelming feeling of impending doom. What I find most interesting is that in reading everyones comments we all seem to have the same hysterical reaction and we dont know why. I think that there is a bigger picture here that something else is going on like on a bio-physical or possibly even a meta-physical level. I am wondering if any of you or plaugued with dreams and out of body experiences as I also am...I dont know if there is any connection but I do really believe that there is more to this...its just sooo weird when u think of it I also wonder if the radar they fly on (like mice and bats) is also something that we can hear and thats what makes it so freaky..i welcome your insight and comments -DannyLynne

im not the only one
by: jake

I don't know why it started but I know when when I was around 7 years old I started to have a nightmare about me and my family being covered in moths I have not been haveing the dream as often lately I am 15 years old. Before this started i had no problems with moths at all i actually liked them and picked them up I even wanted to become a entomoligist. Its is hard for me to be in the same room as them and I can not stand to look at them everything about them seems to disgust me mostly it is the fur on there backs and the way they flap their wings it just makes me sick. When I try to get help from my family but they don't understand when my friends found out they just made fun of me I am verry relieved to find that I am not the only one that struggles with this problem and hope that one day I will be able to overcome this fear

I had no idea
by: Anonymous

I always thought I was alone in how scared I am of moths. I agree with what a lot of you have said- I think it's their irrational movement that gets me the most. Grasshoppers unnerve me but they don't nearly have the effect on me that moths do.

I've never shared my fear with my friends and my family always made me feel ashamed of this. I've been living with my boyfriend for about two years now and he recently found out about it. He's been trying to "fix" me by using what he calls "confrontational therapy," basically whenever he finds one he'll bring it close to me, especially my face. This DOES NOT help at all, and only makes me distrust him.

I hope someone figures out a way to make this go away because it is embarrassing and people don't seem to understand that it's legitimate.

moths god
by: Zyan

I am 10 and I have mottephobia I can't take on moths I wish moths were never alive

by: Anonymous

I'm 14, I have the most terrible fear of moths. I have panic attacks if one is even in the same room as me. I can barely look at a picture of a moth. I can deal with one if it's not moving and it is small, but I still won't go near it or touch it. I can't open my window at night incase one comes in.I scream, cry, run and can't breath properly. I never used to have this fear, and I don't know what triggered it. Although i have had bad experiences in the past, i've only recently become scared. I'm not scared of butterflies unless they're in the same room as me. I'm wondering is there is anything I can do, or anyway to get help with my fear? Will I grow out of i?

fear of moths
by: Anonymous

I know how you guys feel. I live in where moths dominate the summer. I have had no bad experiences in the past with them, but i run screaming from a room whenever they are there. My family just doesn't get my fear, and they find it a great source of entertainement when i come across one. I am so glad i found others who share the same fear, or i would've thought i was crazy!

thank you, im not crazy
by: Jackie

omg and all this time friends and people who I love always laughed at me, calling me silly of having such a stupid phobia. I knew somewhere out there, there was ordinary people like me who have this uncontrollable DEATHLY FEAR of those god forsaken ferocious things, they call insects. I thought I was going crazy but it was all to real that this week in fact I got off a shift working late night, I jumped in my car and was driving down a busy street when from out of no where there it was. Hairy, with a crazed look on it's tiny ugly face and heading strait for me. Without even thinking of my safety or being rational, I jumped out of my car and almost got into a major car accident. This is all to real, I would NEVER even consider being in a room with one, all my close friends are on speed dial just in case god forbid I have a near death moth attack again...No JOKES. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR POSTS AND KNOWING IM NOT ALONE

I hate moths
by: Sophie

About ten minutes ago I saw a huge moth flapping around in circles in my bedroom and I started to freak out. I think I have a fear of moths cause when I was younger once I went into the bathroom to go to the toilet and I turned on the light and I looked up and there were moths ALL over the ceiling !!!!!! Every time I see a moth I panic, it's pretty lame but they are just so discusting !!!!

Baby Memory
by: Anonymous Septagenarian

I've just read all the comments, and feel so much better and sympathise with everyone. Don't know if this will be helpful, but I actually remember why I'm so afraid of the horrible things:

I was in my pram, under a tree and it started to rain. I must have been about three months old, too small to sit up, and suddenly under the hood of the pram came all these moths, flapping around my face and banging against the inside of the hood and dropping that horrid brown powder on me. They came on my face and started crawling on me, and I screamed and screamed, but no-one came.

When I was about seven, I went to bed at the top of the house in the attic (no-one else slept on that floor) and when I opened my bedroom door, there on the wall directly over the head of my bed was the most enormous black moth.

I felt my heart racing and just stood in the doorway, petrified. I decided to make a dash for it, and rushed over to my bed, grabbed the eiderdown and took it out on to the landing, having quickly closed the bedroom door.

I spent the night on the floor on the landing rather than sleep in the same room with that ghastly creature. There was no point calling anyone only to be told "don't be so silly, it's only a moth and won't hurt you" so I didn't bother. I am now quite ancient, and still hate them. If one gets in the car, if I can't get it out of the window quickly, I have to stop and get out. Everyone always thinks it's really funny, so I never mention it unless I have to explain why I'm leaping up and leaving the room suddenly!

thank GOD
by: dadah

Thank God am not the only person who has this blinding fear of moths. i can t even talk about one,or look at a picture. am not scared of butterflies either. people laugh at me and think am silly. if only they can understand how much i'd rather face a machine gun. my heart stops, i shake, tears stream down, i wet myself, my mouth,dries, all in the first second. i fear them so much that if one is nearby, i start getting goosebumps before i see it. i don t want to do therapy cos they may expose me to pictures,etc. am 35 but convert to 2 when i see one. the eyes on their wings,oww! even if it is taken out, i still can t stay in the room/house.

Same here
by: Anonymous

I share the fear of moths, i`m 17 and get so frustrated when one flies into my room when all i want to do is go to sleep but it lurks in the shadows ready to jump out when you are about to give up. They were always creepy but when i was younger I went to brush my teeth and the biggest one i`d ever seen was inches from my face. When i looked up the whole ceiling was teeming with the things of all different sizes. The window was shut and the bathroom was shut for a few days and the floor was littered with dead moth bodies when i next went in it was horrific.

Ruining My Life
by: Zak

The title sounds stupid, but it's true... for about a year and a half now I've hated moths, even though I don't really understand why. They always fly into me and it creeps me out so much, I don't want to hate them, I just can't help it! My parents have no phobias and stay up late at night with the windows open and lights on, and while most moths stay downstairs with them the big ones tend to go exploring into my room. My cats are usually out at night and asleep in the day, so they never get them... my dad is the one that likes the windows up; my mum doesn't really care. I don't understand why he needs them open, I honestly think he is doing it on purpose just to terrify me. He keeps on saying I need to grow up, as I am a teenager now and teenagers aren't scared of moths... well, they obviously are! I've tried buying plants that repel moths but they don't seem to work, I am thinking of killing them but I don't like that idea, mainly because I am a pacifist and partly because I might stand on their corpses and get all icky and disgusted, I also have no idea how to kill them without getting close... hairspray? I am honestly thinking of contacting Child-line, because I break into tears upon any sort of contact... the simple sight of one is so traumatic for me. I honestly can't do it... I just can't.

moths are gross!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

last summer a person i knew had a moth fly into his ear and when he couldn't get it out, he went down to the nurse, and she had to pull it out with tweezers. gross. okay so about twenty minutes ago i was sitting outside, and i heard this buzzing noise by my right ear. so i shook out my hair and went inside. i went to the bathroom, and in my hair was a giant moth! i ran outside and my dad was trying to find it, but it wasn't in my hair,so i went back inside to finish putting earrings on. i looked down by the sink and their was my arch enemy, the moth! so in the end he got smushed and flushed down the tolit. anyone else have a story where a moth the size of an adult man's thumb attacks you?

feel the same way
by: scared of moths 1999

I know! my parents say they're only bugs but they're WAY worse my dad's thinking of sending me to a phsychiatrist. I'm so glad to find someone who feels the same way about them.Whenever I see one i scream like a banshee and run out of the room. I close all the windows before i go to bed and I turn off the lights. No-one seems to understand moths are the scariest creatures on this Earth

i hate butterflies and moths no one in my family understands :(
by: Toni <----- GIRRL...

my family laughs at me because i ask them to kill them and scream. They say to do it myself and tried to use a high heel shoe but it flew to fast and kept landing on every thing and the shoe bounced off the wall and hit me in my face... im 12 year old girl and there is a moth in my room right now at this moment so im sleeping on sofa AGAIN... :( i just cant take it my friends and family laugh but they just dont get it... i wish my cat would hunt it and kill it but its to fast and flys recklessly i wish they weren't on this earth EVER :'(


by: Anonymous

it all started with me when i was taking a shower and i realised there was a moth literally the size of a small bird in there with me. i'd always been squeemish of them but that was the final straw. now it doesnt matter what size it is i cant stand being around them. my skin crawls, i'm exstremely jumpy, i cant sleep if there is one in the room with me because i'm petrified its going to land on me :( thats the situation right now, hence me being on here. there's also a daddy long legs in the room right now which i'm not too pleased about either. the worst thing is knowing they are in here but not knowing where they are. its going to be a long night :(

by: Anonymous

I have extreme mottephobia too! I will not be in the same room as one, and if I have to, I curl up in a ball, hyperventilate, and cry. They somehow always make it into my room even if the window wasn't open, or the door. I swear they are out to get me! My parents think I am completely ridiculous, tell me to grow up and be quiet. And they are down right mean about it too! They will pick up dead (or even alive!) ones and hold them in my face or throw them at me! My own parents! One time I had such a huge panic attack, I was curled up against the wall crying, and they tell me to be quiet and go to bed, and threatened to send me to a mental hospital! Because I'm afraid of them! I just wish the fear would go away, I'm 16 and sick of it!

by: Anonymous

I'm 16 and I'm quite scared of Moths too.. I only seen one big one on a Neighbours gate a couple of years ago, But never one in the house ( Thankfully) There were two moths in my room last night ( Little ones) One was flittering about and the other one was on top of my curtain ( Probably asleep) The one that was flying about I kept trying to avoid, When it landed I wanted to kill it but was too scared to even go near it! In the end it flew off and a couple of minutes later it went behind my photo frame on the wall near my bed and never came out. I sprayed some air freshner ( I don't have Insect Spray) behind the frame and around the area of my bed. When I woke up earlier today ( Quite late) the two moths were nowhere to be seen, The one who was on my curtain must have flew to another part of my room.. And the one that went behind the photo frame might still be there but I don't think so now.

I don't mind Moths in my room when they are just sleeping ( Like the moth on my curtain) but they're horrible when they fly around and bother you.

Yes I know Moths and Spiders and such are more scared of you but you wouldn't think it when they fly around you.

My Biggest phobia is Dragonflies, Thankfully I don't see many of them.


by: Anonymous

MAN O MAN! Butterflies and moths scare me. Not dure how it all came to be, but i'm glad i'm not the only human being on earth like this.

by: Anonymous

I was i my room about to get into bed, then i saw something fly threw the light, i looked and it was a moth. i frooze, i couldent breath right, i was burning up, and my heart was beating really fast. I walked out of the room to my bathrrom to wait in there, but there was 2 in there and i screamed, i had to run downstairs and try and find someplace to sleep, i slept on the couch. The next night i went back to my room and 6 moths were in there; and i had the same experience as i did the night before, but i stayed in the room this time and then i saw 1 of them crawl underneath my matress, and 2 go into my pillow case, and the others just flew around wildly and i couldnt breath. i eventually got the strength to get a book next to my pillow and sprint downstairs.
I havent been able to sleep in my bed for 3 nights in a row.

by: Jay

I am so terrified of moths. And I have no idea why!! I am petrified of big moths. Even medium sized ones. I don't mind the tiny ones. Once when I was about 7 I saw a huge moth, the kind that makes a ton of noise when fluttering and a fat body. I ran off crying. I have no idea why it scares me so much. Usually when they are around I bolt madly screaming, heading for the closest door possible. I don't care what's in my way, I just NEED to get away from the moth. The thought of that vile creature touching me makes me rather sick and weak inside. Even looking at pictures of them can scare me. My parents think my fear is irrational :/

by: Anonymous

My husband (my moth killer) is in the military and is gone on a field excercise for the week. Last night a big moth came in my house I screamed so loud and with terror that my dog nearly ate through the door to help me. I scared my 2 1/2 yr old :( now the dang thing is in my laundry room after a failed attempt to kill it. I'm too scared to even look in there now. I hate being so terrified of such a harmless thing,but the drunken flight pattern, not carrying where it lands or what it runs into (like your face) scares me so bad. I hate them I am 23 yrs old and almost have a panic attack everytime I see or think I see one. Bleh

Absolutily shit myself when they are near Dx
by: Anonymous

Started about three weeks ago. I load of moths tried to attack me. No joke. There was on in my hair and so I screamed and ran away and they were always chasing me everywhere. Urgh they make my skin and head itch.

Everytime I'm in a room I'm constantly checking the ceilings. And if there is one then I have to kill it or else I won't be able to sleep.

Actually at the moment I am up and it's quarter to five in the morning. There was a moth in my room and my sister got really mad because I was freaking out. Then she made a joke out of it. Meh fml. She caught it in the end though but I'm still paranoid.

I can't stand the thought of them on my skin :S I hope there is a way to overcome the fear other than facing them.

Hekk, moth's freak mee ouut!
by: Anonymous

OMG i hate moths! i scream and run away if I see one. but what you went through is much worse! god, i can only imagine what i would do if i saw like 30!!

by: pinkinlark

So maybe I have an "irrational" fear of moths because they themselves are irrational creatures. There is no pattern to their flight, they just plop down on whatever they bump into. They have a chaotic method of flying that seems very uncontrolled and unneccessarily awkward. Butterflies are fine...moths make my eyes tear up, my throat close, my chest hitch, and every hair on my body stand on end. I am 37, and completely sympathize with all of you about how embarrassing it can be to have a fear of such a harmless fuzzy little thing, but I would rather have a lion in my room. I have no traumatic experience to account for this phobia either.

I hate moths too !!!!!!
by: lou monkey

I remember when it started, I was 3 and I found a dead moth about the size of a sourser ! It was the first time I had ever seen a moth and it scared me to death. Im 9 now and Im still afraid of moths! maybe if i never saw one i wouldn't be afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no memory of it, but the phobia remains...
by: Anonymous

when I was really young (about 2 or 3) I walked out of our house and into a swarm of gypsy moths. to this day (about 30yrs later) moths and butterflies creep me out. I've gotten better about it. the mere sight of them used to freak me out, but now I can look at them and be around them as long as they're not too close and not moving. the anxiety is definitely there, though. I have one eye on it and freak if they start to move. and the bigger they are the more anxious they make me. realistically, I know they won't hurt me, but that anxiety has just never left me.

Haate Zem! >.<
by: Megan - UK

Achh, Moths. Even talking about them makes me shudder.
I read that Mottephobia usually comes from a traumatic experience..
Moth's have always creeped me out, but a few months ago something nasty happened.
I was in my bedroom, tidying up before bed. Suddenly I saw a really huge moth in my room. I got rather freaked out if I'm honest, I didn't like them and this one was huge and flapping and flying round the room like it was drunk, bashing into things and humming something dreadful >.< I tried to throw my big bath towel over it to get it on the floor so I could leave it till the morning and then go and ask my dad to get rid of it - my parents were in bed. I threw the towel but I missed. I was standing in the middle of my room, in front of my bed, looking around trying to see where it had gone. All of a sudden it flew straight at my face. I yelped and jerked myself backwards, but I slipped and fell. As I fell, I bashed the back of my head on my bed-frame, knocking myself out. I think I was out for about 5 minutes, because I had a sitcom playing on my laptop, and I missed about 5 mins of it. When I woke up I was hyperventilating and terrified. I had no idea where it was and I mangaged to stumble out of my room and down the stairs to my parents room. My mom hugged me like a 4 year old and my dad went to get rid of it. But I couldn't go back into my room that night and I slept on the sofa. I'm 16, and that was only a few months ago.
Now I can't stand them. When I go out to feed my rabbit in the evening I get terrified that there might be a moth there.
I am also terrified of Crane-Flies...

by: Anonymous

Moths scare me to death. I cannot be in the same room as one and no one understands what I go through when there is one around. They all laugh and tell me to toughen up. If I have seen one in my room I can't go to bed and I feel like they are crawling all over me so I end up constantly shaking myself like a dog. I think this site is good because you can read about other peoples experiences and you know that there are other people out there that go through the same thing as you.

Moths are bad and the ugly
by: Anonymous

hello, i like to be anonymous because my tale is a little strange. I not creeped out by most things like spiders, snakes, not even freaked out by roaches. Moths on the other hand are another thing. i never had a bad moment i just can't stand them. i believe that i have an irrational fear. i don't know why but i just can't stand being in the same room. On the bus there was two major big moths and I sadly began to scream, this resulted to a guy i like noticing that i behave like a freak when moths are near me. I been like this ever since i was a baby. Moths are creepy, but butterfly i'm okay, it's just moths. What do they even do to help anyone on earth?
Moths should burn nice and crispy and then we pull all the inside and throw thin into a volcano.
Too much...

I didnt realise there were so many people who didnt like them as well
by: Anonymous

If i see a moth i follow i with my eyes, i cant look away from it and if i do and then look back and its gone, i freak out so much. people say that mottephobia can come from an inccident when you were little or just a pure fear of them. my parents say when i was little one landed on my forehead, i dont remember it but i just remember hating them. everyone makes a joke out of it though which really annoys me, last christmas my uncle bought me a moth racket thats electricutes them, it was a joke gift but it actually comes in handy.

MOTTEPHOBIA nothing to be ashamed of
by: Laurette

What people do not seem to understand is that a phobia is an unfounded fear. Whenever I am in public and I see one and I panic people seem to think it is funny. All they see is that little moth that cannot hurt me. But then between my screams and panic once the awful thing is dead, I manage to put them in their place by telling them that everyone has some sort of fear/phobia etc; whether it be the fear of flying which I do not have but can understand or mottophobia which I do have but no one seems to understand except someone who suffers from it. I have had it ever since I was very young and now I am 40 and I still have it!

Same Here
by: Anonymous

I am also 14 and am terrifed of moths and butterflies. it happened after I went to a butterfly farm when I was little. When moths are even near me I freak out and start crying and screaming hysterically so I feel your pain. I hate that people don't take it seriously.

Moth phobia
by: Anonymous

My 9 year old sister has a similar problem , she has a minor panic attack when one is in the same room as her, and she makes someone kill it + chuck it out the window (its usually me who has to kill it), it really annoying for me having to kill it or calm her down , do anyone know how she could overcome her fears without any treatment (therapy, etc) ?


I am the same cant look at a pic cos it turns me sick, I dont think I had a bad experience with them I just dont like them. My mum and dad laugh at me 2, sometimes they get them if they come into my room, or sometimes they just shout at me and tell me to turn my light out. I always keep my window closed but my mum just opens it. When I am on my own and one of them comes into my room I freak out, I turn my light out but I cant stay in that room, I thinks its becuase I know its there in the same room as me and it sounds strange but I freak out and I keep thinking they are on me so I just leave the room. One day one landed on my neck, that made me go mad I had to jump into the shower and scrub myself untill I was red and wash my hair twice.

by: Anonymous

i am verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy scared even 2 look @a pix of moth or butterfly. the wings terrorize me .even in ma classroom if a moth coms in i wud scream or cry ... i am scared even to walk into a room , open curtains or windows, awitch on lights fearing they will be around.

by: laurette

I too am and have been terrified of moths all my life. I saw a giant one on the bus the other day while going to work and no one would kill it. If I see one in my apartment I follow it with my eyes til it lands and then I spray it to kill it and then smash it to make sure it is dead; they are horrible!

by: Anonymous

I also have a strong fear of moths, but what gets to me is the way in which the fold their wings.

Physically sick
by: Anonymous

I too have a morbid fear of moths but not butterflies.Nobody I know can understand the difference or why.Here is my opinion: Butterflies are graceful and move in the other direction when you approach them.Moths are fat,hairy and fly straight at you.They are ugly and absolutely terrifying.Cannot be in the same house let alone room with one.Have embarrassed myself on many occasions over moths and dont undertand where my fear originated.I cannot look at a dead moth or even pictures and even reading other peoples comments here makes me feel physically sick.

im 19 and hate them
by: Anonymous

This is one thing that bugs me, literally.

Im 19 in 2 weeks and hate this fear as it feels so pathetic.

nothing really started it off.

The thing i hate is that they are frantic. butterflies on the other hand are dainty and beautiful, moths are frantic .

I have missed 2 nights sleep this week due to them appearing.

mum said just use fly spray but they are invincible!

I too hate going to the bathroom and now shut the window quickly if i need to go.

One night i slept downstairs , my mum thinks im pathetic and like a 5 year old. its annoying.

my other two fears are turkeys and octopus :(

silly me i always shut the window
by: Anonymous

i feel exactly the same i don't know why i'm not scared ov butterflies but i'm terrified ov moths ive just had 2 call a friend because i 4got 2 shut the bathroom window n there was about 40 in there no lie he was in there ages catchin them all. theres no way i could have slept, its now 3.00am in the morn n i have 2 b at work 4 7.00am.

im scared
by: Anonymous

please help me im 12 and there is a adult moth in my room my mum just says kill but she doesnt understand that i am REALLY scared and i just cant go in my room because its so scarey and im crying now because i cant see it and i have to sleep in there because my mum will say shutup dont be stupid but she dont understand please help me im scared :( when i saw it before she never believed me she just dont understand how scared i am of it

me 2!
by: Sarah

me too!! i can totally relate, i hate them so much
theres one in my room right now and i cant move cos im so scared
im 21 and everyone just laughs at me :(

by: Anonymous

I am petrified of moths always have and most probably always will i cannot stand them, and my friends think i am absolutely bizarre but i cannot be in the same room as one. Yet i have no fear of butterflies.
I honestly thought i was the only one, my friend has a bizarre phobia of concentric circles so i didn't feel so bad.

by: Anonymous

If I could find a way to kill all moths and butterflies from this planet I would. I totally understand the feeling of having mottephobia. When once comes near me, I shake, cry, hyperventilate, and run. I make a complete fool of myself but I am so terrified, that if you were to put a gun to my head, I would not be as afraid as if you put a moth to close to me. It is almost like I know i am gonna die if that moth touches me. And in another post someone said that butterflies do not fly toward you? That is what I thought for a long time, til I was chased by one. I cannot even look at pictures of them.

I haaaate them.
by: Anonymous

They always fly right into your face. I think thats why I'm afraid of moths, but not of butterflies. Butterflies fly away when you come near, they understand that you're big and you can hurt them. Moths don't, they fly right into you. And they fly all jittery and frantic. I can't stand them.

by: Anonymous

I am completely scared of moths aswell. It started when i went on year 7 camp and there were about 120 or 11 big black moths in the tent and i screamed and ran away and they expected me to sleep wtih them, but luckily they all flew out. And then the whole week i was there they were everywhere and somehow i dealt with them somewhat normally even though i was freaked out. Then i finally came home and when i went into my room a few days later a massive blakc moth flew out from my wardrobe and attacked me. My mum told me it was okay and got it and then i went in there again and another and another flew out. i screamed and ran away crying. Ever since then i can hardly look at a moths picture they are so scary. Last night one attacked me in my bedroom and i ran away crying and my parents got mad at me, but they dotn understand how scary it is.

by: Anonymous

omg... i am so sorry... i am the exact same way... i was once at a camping park and i was going to the bathroom and right next to the door was a moth the size of computer moniter.... im not joking... no exageration.... ever since... i have had mottephobia...

by: solstice

Yerr I'm the same, can't go to the bathroom/sleep untill I've checked the room for the little horrors. Was never afraid of them till I hit my teens though for some reason...a couple of bad experiances I guess.

I live in the city now so there aren't as many of them but when I go home for weekends in autumn and any fly up at me I freak out. My parents just don't seem to understand, never have. Yeah they give it the whole "it's only a moth it can't hurt you" line and refuse to shut the windows when it gets to dusk. I try to explain it by saying 'well a snake might not be dangerous but you wouldn't want it near you would you?" ect... and that phobias are 'irrational fears" but it's as if it goes in one ear and out the other with them tbh :(

by: Charlie(14)

I am absolutely terrified of moths. I'll shudder at pics of them And I'll run far away if i see one.
I think I fear them because when I was younger staying at my grans house in Ireland we had a load of moths in the house that I didn't care about, Until we heard noises at the door. (I was 4 at the time) My Grandad opened it and loads and loads of Bats came in the house and I started screaming like hell. I think it's the way that moths brought bats is why I now fear them. Although I love bats.... It's weird

You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I really know what it feels. I thought that I'm weird. The people arround me just can't understand what I feel and it makes me really mad. They said that it can't hurt you, so whay are you scare of it? Sometimes they just play with it. I don't even like the picture of it. Can you handle the phobia now? Can you share me how to handle it? Thank you.

I think I know what u mean...
by: Anonymous

I have arachnophobia. If i see a spider, my heart stops, I scream and run.

It started in September. I got bit and it turns out I have this strange allergic reaction. The next day, I had a -COULDN'T-BREATH-EPISODE-

Will it ever end???
by: Ashley13

I feel Your pain...I do constant room examinations @night if the windows are left open...but don't think that my looking about is done with a stern and calm face.I'm on edge,jumpy,constantly looking over my Shoulder etc.I CANNOT go out front @night because of constant are you coping?

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