Fear of Mechanical Sharks

by tcs0018
(Taft, Ca, USA)

I guess I have a fear most other people laugh at. I am not afraid of real sharks. Bring them on! They stay in the ocean, I'll stay on land...we live peacefully. However, I am so completely terrified of fake/mechanical sharks that it is debilitating. I love watching Shark Week, but tend to watch every new show with a pillow in front of me, just in case they want to show the shark from Jaws. I, however, own all of the Jaws Special Edition movies. I have a Jaws collectors book and made my mom (I'm 32) cover all of the pictures that had a shark on them. Most of the book has thick extremely sticky post it notes, but I still won't touch it.

I have gone into panic attacks and have actually forcefully pushed my laptop on the ground trying to get away from a fake shark picture(More than once). I can't even look at them. Whenever I have nightmares, they usually have fake sharks in them. I am not sure what it is about them that I cannot handle. I just can't even fathom a time I won't be scared of them. In fact, when I decided to look up whether this phobia is something other people face, I had to cover my face (just in case there were any fake shark pictures). (If you didn't know, pillows, the front of shirt, and other people directly in front of you with you barely looking over their shoulders keeps you safe from fake sharks). :D

I have "friends" who post on my Facebook wall pictures of fake sharks just because they know it will freak me out (which it does). It doesn't make sense to me. Yes, they got a reaction from me, but they don't see it, so why do it other than to scare me.

I don't remember ever having anything traumatic happen to me in my childhood that would bring on this type of reaction. I didn't live anywhere near the ocean, lakes, even rivers. (Dang desert). Friends had pools, that was it. I remember once in a friends pool, I was alone and thought, of a shark came, it would only have me to eat. I quickly got out of her pool and have never swam in a pool by myself since. I even freaked myself out in the shower. Fear every time I closed my eyes, the wall would open and the shark would be waiting for me.

I assume it's a metaphor for something. I've sort of thought perhaps it was the devil. Fake=false messages. Shark=fear. I don't know. I'm unsure. All I know is as I get older, it actually gets worse! I wish I could get over it.

Side note: I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. When Universal Studios in Florida decided to get rid of the Jaws attraction...I was excited (I won't go there until he's gone!). When I found out they did so to expand the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I realized that Harry Potter will always be my favorite hero! He has single-handedly saved me from Jaws. :D

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