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by: Lien

I'm so happy I'm not the only one! Mechanical sharks and crocodiles freak me out so bad, but I adore the actual live animals. Maybe it's the soullessness of the fakes? I don't know. Pool mechanics scare me alot aswell, such as slides, cleaning systems, lights, fountains and wavepools. Water + mechanics + me = worst nightmare :(

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by: Alice

I understand the phobia, although I don't have it personally. It is quiet similar to my phobia of shipwrecks. Mine also get worse as I get older, and I'm worried it'll get much worse, seen as I'm only 12. I've also scared myself in the shower and bath, scared that something'll be there when I open my eyes. Sharks made of metal scare me, and it's mean of people to post pictures of them delibaretely to scare you.

by: Anonymous

I am so glad I'm not the only one with this fear! It seems so irrational; why would a fake shark terrify me instead of a real one? I have no clue. Fake crocodiles (and anything else that 'lives' in water) have the same effect on me: I totally freak out! Too bad I adore real ones, it makes my fear even more stupid :(

I guess I'm NOT crazy then!
by: Samantha

I have had a horrible phobia of mechanical sharks or any kind of fake shark my whole life. This is especially strange because JAWS is my favorite film of all time. I've easily seen it over a hundred times. If, however, I watch a You Tube video of the ride at Universal or the one that used to hang at Universal that is now hanging in a tree at a junkyard in LA, or the Mythbusters episodes where they test shark theories with fakes, I totally flip out! A lifelong dream of mine is to cage dive with Whites but if you put me near a fake one, I will cry and claw your eyes out! It's developed into a phobia of anything mechanical in water out anything submerged our partially submerged, that is not organic. There is an ice cream stand at Disney Hollywood Studios that is a giant green dinosaur that is partially submerged in water. I couldn't go near the thing! I have tried watching videos online with mechanical sharks in them but I can't hold my laptop because I can't be that close to the screen. I have a reoccurring nightmare that someone pushes me into the water with the mechanical "Bruce" on the JAWS ride. I have a few weird phobias but have found this one seems the weirdest to others.

Finally I no longer feel weird!
by: Kat

Omg everything you said resonates so strongly with me! In fact while I was researching this I got my boyfriend to do the JA search (jaws aware) that i stupidly made up to stop myself from getting any nasty surprises!

I too own all the movies and have watched them when I was young but i am now too terrified to watch them! Stupid it seemed until I read this article!

I was devistated when I realised that jaws the ride was near Harry potter and wished for a day when it was gone. However universal have said that they intend on keeping some momentos from jaws so if you go be careful!

I thought I was the only one.
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. When I was younger and I went to a seafood restaurant, there was a plastic freaking gigantic shark repilica. I freaked out and made a scene in the restaurant. No idea why I'm so afraid of fake sharks.

by: tcs0018

I have come up with a phobia name for my fear Mechanoselachophobia.
Mechanophobia=fear of mechanical things
Selachophobia=fear of sharks
mechanoselachophobia=fear of mechanical sharks.

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