Fear of Maps


I've always been reluctant to look at maps, especially large, realistic maps in atlases. The view of any part of the planet made to look real - or actual photos of such as taken from space will make me start to mildly panic. It wasn't until a few years ago that I began to dread and avoid maps, though. I think that was brought on by things like Google Earth - which I could barely use as the start point for any search was in outer space. The zoom in/out control of any internet map makes me nervous. Opening up an atlas is something I never do. When I do look at maps or images/likenesses of the planet I feel apprehensive or filled with dread. Someone on this site with the same phobia mentioned being especially afraid of the poles. I agree and I get it but I can't explain the poles are so scary to look at. Also, the continent of Africa freaks me out for its size. Just writing about this makes me afraid that I'll trigger a panic attack - though I've never had one due to maps. I wonder if this fear of maps is actually a fear of heights or wide open spaces.

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