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thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you.I always hoped to find someone who could accurately describe how how this phobia works and affects them. My experience is very close to both the OP and Kate in the comments above. Stay strong.

Fear of Maps- developing late in life- help!
by: Christina

When I was younger I had no problem with maps or globes, in fact I liked looking at them. I suppose at the time I didn't associate them with the real thing- because you know you never going to hold the world like that in the palm of your hand, or get to that height. But yikes- people can!!!

About a year ago I started viewing them differently, the bodies of water became so big, the continants so far apart. The scales in the corner of pictures telling me how high I was, and worse the colour variation on water to show depth. Disaster televison and theatre didn't help, it reminded me how easy it was to get something or someone (myself included) lost. I'm sweating as I type. Realistic maps are bad, but I get just as effected looking at the cartoony ones. And it doesn't have to be the whole world, it can be isolated areas like on a weather report and I freak.

by: Anonymous

I haven't read anyone else's comments, but I have the same fear, and it has to do with my fear of heights. I feel like I am up, extremely high over something, such as a state,and the more words, especially in capital letters, the queasier I get.

Fear of Maps
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear. My exact fear is water on maps. And big open spaces of ice areas (South and north) and some big spaces as desserts. I get terrified with open landscapes on maps. Just writing this an getting the pictures in my head.
I don't have a problem looking at a maps without any open landscape, but I avoid gooogle earth.
I remember that when I was a child, I always had the feeling (when I was just about to sleep) of falling through the universe, and it never ended, every time I realized there was no ending, I got shock reminds of the fear I now have when I look at open landscapes at maps.
Thank for sharing.

by: Marish Ram

FOR YEARS I have felt intense panic when looking over maps on computer screens. not so much a photo of the entire world, but zooming in over an ocean gives me a horrible sense of dread. Even the side of a continent. If it has more than 25% depicted I freak. I'm not afraid of the ocean water or heightS. I felt like googling it finally to see if I could find something, and you nailed it, sir

same boat
by: Dan

I, too, fear maps. When I was a child, I would not go into the basement because my parents had large maps of the U.S. and world on the walls, nor could I look at maps in our encyclopedia. To this day, I cannot look at that encyclopedia (they still had it as of about 6 years ago). It's gotten better with age, but certain types of maps still freak me out. Something about the shape and outlines, but I'm not sure why.

by: Anonymous

After years of googling "Fear or map" or "fear of outerspace" or "fear of binoculars" I found this link. So mine is a bit more complicated - I am a photographer (go figure) with fear of anything overly magnified - specially realistic maps and also deep water. Eeks!
I cannot believe that there are so many of us out there yet it's not a common thing to see in person. Thanks to Internet I'm able to connect a bit and not feel so alone. From all my research it is apparently the fear of the "universe" how being alone terrifies us. While this is true I have no problem looking at alien movies, alien abductions etc I find them entertaining but for some reason the close up surface of the moon *shudder* is so creepy!! So is Google Earth - holy cow - the reaction my body has when that loads up full screen on my browser. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT WISH THAT FEELING ON MY WORST ENEMY. It's a panic that hits you from the spine. Anyway I'm glad to get that out! LOL I know I need serious help - but for now I shall avoid all Google earth (google map works good enough with it's illustrations lol)

For those who suffer similar phobias - the best advice I can give is to take it in small doses. I started from never picking up zoom lens to slowly upgrading the level of zoom. Now it bugs me a little but nothing like before (heart racing, cold sweat etc) Good luck!

same on this side of the map!
by: Anonymous

I have had the fear of getting lost since I was a child. (long before the internet) I can remember dreaming about being locked in the car while it was moving. without my parents As an adult I've dreamed that I cannot reach the car's break or that I can't take my foot off it. I either end up wrecking or getting more and more lost. Globes make me slightly anxious and as you meantion the atlas or any detailed map freaks me out. Arial veiws are the most frightening.

I'm not alone!!
by: Kate

I can't believe I'm not the only person with this fear. I go out of my way to avoid atlas maps of any kind, wall maps and especially planetary or satellite maps. I thought it was attached to my fear of heights. Like I was hovering in the air over a country or planet. Ugh. Just too scary to contemplate. I am not afraid to fly and can look out the plane window. Go figure. When I had to use an encyclopedia (I'm old school) I had to carefully thumb through the pages so as not to be surprised by a map. I'm also not a big fan of pictures of deep water or marine mammals in under water pictures. Wow so glad to get that all out in the open!!

Fear of Maps
by: Kandy

I also have it....I cannot look at maps that show a lot of open water or mountain ranges. I have never looked at Google terrifies me.

by: Anonymous

OMG, I have the exact same thing! I have no idea why. Ever since childhood... intense fear of maps.

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