Fear of Maps, Blood, and Needles

Okay, so in middle school I had this class where all we did was draw maps, and then for the last three weeks of school, we were given laptops, told to go onto Google Maps, and we looked for places in them. Well, we had to do the highest zoom possible to find these places.

I freaked out. I started hyperventilating in class, I would start shaking; a few times I even passed out. Just because I would look around on a terrain map where I could control where I was going. If I was given a map on paper, I was fine, because I couldn't control it. If I zoomed out, I still panicked. I don't know if it comes from a fear of being lost or something, but I am pathologically afraid of electronic maps.

My hoplophobia started when I was really little. I was in a friend's house and they had completely safe, unloaded guns hanging on the walls well out of anyone's immediate reach. But I passed out.

I've always been afraid of seeing blood on other people. If it's on me, I don't care, but if it's on someone else, I'm terrified. So that has nothing to do with my fearing needles. I had all these problems with my systems and they did a million blood tests. The first time, they took six vials of blood out of me. I was fine. The next time I went, even before I saw the needle, I passed out just thinking about it.

And there are my totally irrational fears!

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