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by: Anonymous

I have a fear of looking at maps, touching them on paper or on a screen. When I was doing map work in geography we had to look at an atlas. The page was rather big and the map area was zoomed in quite abit, I just freaked out and covered my eyes, I shook a bit aswell. I get even worse on google maps when I zoom in because I hate all the details of places, moutains, roads etc. Also, I find that when I look into a telescope I get the same reaction. It seems to be when something is zoomed into or made larger than it should be I panic. I'm just glad I'm not the only one afraid of maps! :)

Fear of Maps
by: Anonymous2

I also have a fear of maps. Very glad to hear there are others. For me the anticipation of the view of the google map makes me hesitate to look for just a moment, and then the slight thought of falling from a plane occurs when I look. This only happens with maps online. No problem with paper or film/tv.

I have the same problem!
by: Anonymous

I also have a fear of electronic maps... Google earth freaks me out and I feel light headed... I knew other people had to have the same problem!! Well, I guess it's not the worst phobia to occur!!!

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