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Same Here :D
by: Michael

I have a fear of pops and bangs too. Weirdly, fireworks are the only thing not in that category. But I jumped when I heard a tire exploding(first time last year). I jump when I hear a gun, balloon or cannon. LOL.

You are not alone :D
by: Anonymous

I LITERALLY jump at the sudden bang of anything

by: Anonymous

i am a dj and i did a gig with loads of balloons and everyone knows that i am terrified of balloons because of that. now everyone picks on me.

by: Kevin

Thunder is alright with me, but when it comes to the sound of a gunshot, cannon or other loud bang, yeah, that get's me shaking(quite literally). Im 22 and don't get me wrong, I love to view fireworks, but the noise obviously get's me going.

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