Fear of Loud / Sudden Noises

by Christi
(Denver, CO )

My whole life, I have had a fear of loud and sudden noises. I was terrifyed of fire alarms for this very reason. When I was in elementary school, I rarely used the bathroom there because I was afraid the fire alarm would go off and I'd be in there all alone.

Later in life I could pee at school, but sudden and/or loud noises made me very jumpy. I loved watching thunderstorms and liked the rolling, rumbling thunder but not the thunder that was sudden and extremely loud.

Once I was home alone at age 15 when a terrible thunderstorm passed overhead. The thunder was so loud it shook the entire house, and I was practically in tears. When my mom came home, I was in hysterics.

After college, I got a job at a day-care center. Every month the fire department would come by and test out the fire alarm system. It would scare me to pieces every time.

Once we had to wait inside until the fire alarm was pulled, and waiting for it to go off was so anixety-inducing I felt like my stomach was in knots.

I would have nightmares about fire alarms. I want to go back to child care, but the fire alarms are not something I want to deal with.

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