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Fear of loud unexpected noises
by: Margaret Buzzanca

You're not alone. Since I was a small child, I have not been able to tolerate balloons popping, cap guns or regular guns being shot, the fireworks at our county fair, thunder, etc. etc. If someone comes up behind me and yells, I jump through the roof. Also, I couldn't even stand a flash camera going off in my face. I think I was able to get over this because there is no noise involved. I can't overcome this fear and it interferes with my ability to learn how to shoot a pistol.

sudden noise fear
by: amandamoo

I thought I was strange because I am scared of walking over anything that has a warning alarm(namely opening bridges and level crossings).I start to panic as I approach the warning lights and then run across in case the alarm sounds.I have in the past got a bus from one side to the other.I can't think of what triggered this but I have feared it since my teens and I am now in my 30s.

me to
by: Anonymous

i have had that same problem for many years. Heres my list of sudden noises i hate.

Fire Works
Fire Drills
School buzzers
Balloons popping.

Ive hated bangs since i was really little. especially fireworks. i used to cry when they whent off. One incident when i was in infant school the fire drill was being tested and i cried for ages. Ive been like that for years but the worst noice is the school buzzer at my high school. its not that bad the one in the corridors but in the assembley hall its a different story. The buzzer that sounds at 9 is this really winey, high pitched sudden sound that echos through the hall. I get relly scared before it goes off and my heart starts beating like a train. I'm the only one scrared of it. also at break a few minutes before the bell, my friend says we should walk up to lesson but i say, "nah the bell hasn't gone yet" and i will wait for all the bells in the building i cross to get to my lesson.

I have thesame phobia.
by: Anonymous

I have the same phobia. I believe it's Liygrophobia. It sucks. Like, especially at Christmas and New Year. I've had it my whole entire life.

Balloons popping, level crossing alarms....
by: Anonymous

I've suffered from the phobia of sudden noises since I was five. Here are the following:

Balloons popping: although at first I could sit on a balloon until it popped when I was a toddler as I felt the noise was amusing, it all changed when I was five years old when I was having a party and one of the other children, not nastily or intentionally, popped a balloon accidentially in my ear while I was talking to someone. I know they felt embarrased and ashamed but it left me in tears. Even today, altough I can cope with it more maturely, I get edgy and start flinching when people bring balloons into an area where I am located.

Both today and at primary school I dread fire drills as the alarm is a very sudden siren, while at primary the alarms were fire bells (luckily they were located in the corridors!) but there was one occasion where the bells went off and the 95db clanging noises ripped right through me. A teacher was nearby and saw I was in hysterics.

I can never walk over level crossings (ones that have a yodalarm warning alarm, a small orange cube thats located on the rear of the signal) without anxiety. I constantly look behind the signals on a level crossing when in a car for any yodalarm cubes. If none occur, then I'm fine.

But I'm overall glad that my fear of thunder rumbling, smoke detectors and dog barking has gone :)

loud noises
by: jet

hi i have the same thing as you do, when ever i hear a real loud noise i panic, i have had it my whole entire life

same here
by: Janet

My 5 yr old is having the very same issue.
She's never liked loud or sudden noises and the combination drives her over the top

At school now.. she is having the same worry about fire drills and the bathroom.

I don't know how to help her

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