Fear of loud sounds like firecrackers, popping balloons and loud bangs.

by Andy Tan
(Manila, Philippines)

I'm female, 24 years old living with phonophobia. I'm not sure if I have hyperacusis, I just get anxious whenever I hear loud firecrackers and popping balloons. My heart beats fast, I tend to lose my focus and I want to get away from that situation as soon as possible. Because of this phobia, I missed a lot, especially during the new year. Here in the Philippines, we have this ridiculous tradition to have firecracker and fireworks. Some of them are really loud and its like a world war 3 here during the new year's eve. A lot of my family members and some friends find me funny telling me I'm over reacting. But they know, since I was a baby something's wrong with me. I have no idea how did it started neither my parents and relatives. They just tell me, "since you're a baby, you acted that way". They never helped me get through this. Never. Made fun of me for hiding inside my room and just turn my earphones on just distract me from being so scared and anxious. I'm hurting because no one is helping me and taking me seriously. I sometimes blame my parents because they should've known what was the cause of my phobia with loud sounds. I want this thing to go away and be able to act normally during the holidays here in the Philippines. I know that this tradition will never stop, but I wish I can tolerate those loud sounds without my brain telling me to be afraid whenever I hear them. I have no idea what is my brain doing to me, but I'm tired of being played and make fun of others.

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