Fear of Loose Teeth

by Tracy
(New Brunswick Canada)

When I was little and I started to lose my baby teeth, it would literally make me sick to my stomach, and make me black out. I wouldn't touch the tooth at all, it could be hanging there and I wouldn't pull it... Thank goodness, I have all my adult teeth. I've even had my wisdom teeth removed, and that never bothered me. But if I see a child wiggling a loose tooth, I just wanna throw up! I thought my phobia was gone, but last night one of my teeth "moved" after I bit into a piece of chocolate. Later on, it moved back to it's original spot and now it's loose. When it moved back and I realized how loose it was, I passed out cold. If there is anyone out there that feels the same way as me, please share. I would really love to know how I can get rid of this fear of loosse teeth phobia... I have a 3 year old daughter and I'm dreading the day her baby teeth become loose and fall out. Just typing this makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach!

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