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i hate it..
by: Brian

I have always been afraid of windows when its dark outside. My worst fear is that i look out the window and i see a face or eyes staring back at me. My home is full of windows and my parents forget to close the curtains. i get a really bad feeling in some parts of my house, but the worst part is that my girlfriend gets a bad feeling too, but she is normally not afraid of looking out a window at night.

Windows + Night + 3 Sisters= Nightmare
by: Anonymous

Ugh. For as long as I can remember, looking out the window at night has been my number one fear. I'm always so scared that someone will just be standing there staring at me through the windows at night. Every night I lock all of the doors windows and make sure that they're covered. Sometimes I'll even put a blanket over them to make sure that I can't see out and nothing else can see in. What makes this fear worse is that I have my own apartment above my garage, even though I'm really young. It has a deck with a big door that I have to lock every night or else I can't sleep. My friends and family always make fun of me for this phobia, and they think it's funny to just stand at the window and stare at me through it at night. It's not. They just don't get that I nearly have a heart attack when they do that. Hey does anybody know the name of this fear? It would sound a lot cooler to say " I have _____________________________phobia" than "I am afraid that something will, like, be at the window at night... Thanks!

O_O Windows :(
by: Snow

I cant stand looking out of windows at night. when im on the computer finishing up my homework or something there is a HUGE sliding glass door behind me. i always make sure my dog is in and she goes to bed, but a couple minutes after i start hearing noises and im way to scared to look behind me so most of the time i just take the laptop and go into the living room to finish up for the night.
And i dont really know what to do. soo... yeah. i try to tell my friends and most of them just laugh and tell me its my mind playing tricks on me and im a scardy cat. so i stopped telling them. the other scary part it in my bedroom there is a GIANT window that takes up the WHOLE WALL!! (not exaggerating) So i always have blind on it and all that, but as an extra measure i put my back towards it. i just dont want whatever is out there peering in the window to pop out at me or something.
But i am glad that other people also have the same fear/phobia as i do. that helps.
My whole house has a lot of big windows in it so its not possible for me to go anywhere without a window being there. and that just freaks me out.
Thanks for reading this and sorry it was so long. i just needed to tell some one about this. and i found this site and so i now know that other people have the same fear as i do. thank you. -Snow

Windows are the worst.
by: Mergen

After reading these it appears that the majority of ya'll suffer from phobias concerning windows when it is dark outside. I can relate to this, because it is definitely when my fears are the most hightened, however I also have issues with windows during the daylight hours. I don't like when I see the potential for someone seeing me on the other side of a window. I don't like situating myself near windows in general at the off chance that someone might see me or God forbid make eye contact with me.

Don't ya love windows!?
by: Night

Like mentioned several times, I can't believe there are other people at there! Im 23 with a wife and kid and I'm STILL like it. When I go to close the blinds I have to look down and the whole time my body almost convulses and I think someone is right outside and I'll suddenly see a gun or red glowing eyes!

What sucks is on top of this I have catoptrophobia where I also can not look into mirrors at night either!

Both of these suck in the car. I can't look in my rear view windows or mirrors at night

Thank god!
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one! I am deathly afraid to look out windows at night in fear of something or someone being there looking at me or popping up! I've had this phobia since I was little and I honestly don't think it will go away. Does anyone know the proper term/name for this?

by: jacky

ok sooo i just found out like 1 or 2 years ago that i was scared of looking out the window & seeing someone stand there as all the other comments i read but i am really scared because i also think that someone is looking insidee looking at me it's such a disturbancee i get soo frustrated && as usual i close ALL CURTAINS fo my house, like last time i was at my bro's house i used to close all the curtains of his windows in his house!! OMG i can't help it!! i get really scared but im happy no one knows i have this phobia except for my family!! && im glad other people understand what im going through :) thanks for your time guy's :)

Fear of looking outside through the window when its dark
by: Anonymous

Ive had this fear aswell since as long as i can remember, especially when im home alone. Like a lot of you have said if the curtains are open and its dark outside, i also have to run over and shut the curtains without looking outside as i have this great fear and panic that comes over me. Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news but mine hasnt gone away and im 33 years old and im not afraid of much of anything else. My friends don't know about it and they would probably laugh and not believe it but it is true. Id love to find the reasons behind this and possibly how to overcome it. Does anyone out there know?

Thank God.
by: Chloe

Thank God other people get what I'm going through. I have had this fear for as long as i can remember... I hate it because no one else I know understands why I'm so scared to look outside at night. Most of my friends thinks its funny to scare me like that but honestly it kills me when they do it. I have to have all the curtains closed at night especially when my mom and dad go out and my brothers are gone because my best friend who lives really close to me decided to scare me when everyone was gone.. I think my worst fear when I look out the window is seeing a face or person standing there I don't know why but I do.

by: Chloe

I am SO glad other people understand what I'm going through.. Most of my friends make fun of me because im easy to scare me because of this.. But the last time someone scared me like this i ended up crying and everyone was laughing at me... I am terrified of looking outside a window at night and i hate it.. I'm scared of seeing a face/person right there at the window or maybe even a "demon" of some sort...

by: Anonymous

i am like alot of you i have a fear of looking out any window into darkness in fear of a face or something popping up right next to the window. i have had it ever since i can remember and am 21 now and still have it. i have to make sure blinds curtains etc are shut and always avoid small or even frosted windows tht cant be covered. im soo glad i am not the only 1.

Light inside. Dark outside
by: Vince

Ohkay. So I think I'm on the same track as you guys. I can't stand when you have lights on in the house and it's dark outside. I don't know if it's the fact that I might see someone or what it really is. I always have to run to close the blinds. And it really sucks because we have big sliding glass doors in our kitchen and when ever I get something to eat at night. No one ever closes the binds so I end up running back to my room. Ugh smh!!!!

Mothman Prophecies
by: Melanie

The Mothman Prophecies really freaked me out too, Derrick!
The book strangely is nothing like the movie. It really focuses on Men in Black and alien conspiracies.

Similar fear
by: Derrick

I too have a problem with dark windows. It's not too bad unless you can't see anything outside at all. What terrifies me is that when I was little I used to see a pair of red eyes out the windows and I couldn't break eye contact with them for several minutes. My body would shut down with fear, and I felt as if whatever it was, wanted me to go outside to it. Well I ended up getting over that for some time and I know it sounds stupid but then I watched "the mothman prophecies" about this angel of death with red eyes lol and in one part of the movie it was looking at a man through a window just like I saw when I was younger. I'm a very realistic and down to earth kinda guy but that movie brought back fears from my childhood that I can't seem to fully get over.

Btw check the movie lol

by: cassie

I have that same fear. I looked it up and I think it said nytohylophobia but that may also be the fear of forests at night.

Thank God!
by: Troy

Thank God there are more people like me out there. I really thought I was the only one. Now I don't know where mine came from as I've had it for as long as I can remember. I simply cannot bring myself to look on any floor. I'm very glad that there are people like me. It kind of helps make me feel better.

Fear of Windows at Night
by: Lauren

I've had this fear since I was little. I've always been terrified of werewolves and my brother and sister would yell that there was one looking in the door or window when I was walking past it. To this day I cant look out a window at night, or walk by one. I always have to have the shades closed and windows locked.

fear of looking out windows
by: aaron

I also have this it started when i was little. to make a long story short i was maybe 10 and i was watching the twilight zone and this guy was on a plane and he lifts up the curtain and there is a monkey thing standing there. since then i couldnt look out of windows if they were blocked by something.when i was in the boyscouts and i woke up having to go to the bathroom i could cause i was scared to open the door. i am now 18 and im no longer scard to do it but i still have some anxiety while doing it.

I do too
by: Mark

I have something similar to you Melanie. It's a borderline phobia that when it's dark outside and the lights are on inside that someone could be right next to me outside the window staring in and I wouldn't be able to even know that they are there. I don't have this fear on any floor except the first floor where people can stand at the windows. I always think that I will see a face pop out or something and I normally just leave the room quickly if I'm alone or move to a side of the room where the window can not see (It sounds stupid but it's true)

Fear of looking out windows.
by: Clodagh

I feel the same. I can't look out a window when it's dark, espicallly if i'm on my own. When i'm on my own in a room, its dark and the curtians are open I have to close it really quickly, without looking out the window. I find it really embarassing esp. as i'm going to the Gaelteacht with my friends in the summer, does anyone know how to get rid of it? I'm 15 and I don't want to have it all my life!

I have something similar
by: Melanie

but I don't know what this is called.
I always have to shut the blinds before it gets dark. If it's already dark out, I am too scared to get close enough to the window to shut the blind. I am always worried about something or someone scary suddenly appearing in the window. I've had this since I was a teenager, and probably like you it came from an overactive imagination.
Sometimes even when it is light out, I can't look at an open window too long or I'm afraid something horrible will suddenly appear in it.

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