How To Liberate Yourself From The Fear Of Long Words

Fear of long words is also known as Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia or Sesquipedalophobia. Victims of this particular form of fear are abnormally and unwarrantedly afraid of long words. Each year countless people suffer from Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

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Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia can largely affect your lifestyle. It causes panic attacks and keeps you away from your friends, collogues and family members.

Some of the known symptoms of this form of fear are rapid breathing, sweating, overall feeling of dread, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat and nausea.

Like other phobic instances, Sesquipedalophobia or fear of long words is a product of the unconscious mind. It works as a protective mechanism.

It may be so that in your past you may have seen someone finding it immensely difficult to spell or pronounce a long word. Very quickly, you picked up the fear and began worrying about long and complicated words.

You simply start attaching negative emotions to the thought of uttering a long and complicated word.

You start thinking, “Oh my God, the word is so big to pronounce and the spelling of the word is too difficult. How can I utter the word correctly? I will definitely stammer and make a fool of myself. What will others say? They will think I am so stupid.”

Yes, this is what constantly plays in your mind when you are afraid of long words.

Fear of long words is irrational and the adults know that it is so but they are unable to save themselves from the condition of fear.

The interplay of vowels and consonants hits your confidence hard as you find yourself fumbling with words of considerable length.

Combating fear of long words with the help of NLP self-help techniques
Spelling big words – is this a nightmare for you? If it is then please take the help of self-help NLP techniques and try to combat the fear.

The fear, oh dear! tends to get into your nerves. Therefore, it’s time you face the reality with full confidence and conviction. This is what self-help NLP technique teaches you.

You work hard to change your mental “constructs”. You know that you are a potential learner and so you start practicing the art of breaking one big word into small pieces pronouncing each bit correctly, finally uttering the whole word right.

Self-help NLP technique makes you say within your heart “I can do, I can do, I can do” and ultimately you can overcome your fear of long words.

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