How To Cure Fear Of Long Words

Fear of long words is an irrational fear driven by emotion. It is an abnormal, persistent fear that has no valid reason, yet it is a common phobia that affects a large number of people to some degree or other.

Jan Heering

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Next time, when you hear words like Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, Sesquipedalophobia, think of long words phobia. The problem is intensified particularly when it affects the people in normal course of life.

The long words phobia acts as a spoiler and isolates you from your closed ones. In some way or the other, the victims live in a state of isolation, losing close contacts for the problem that really does not exist.

Any normal person would find long words difficult to pronounce, spell and write. However, it takes the shape of problem, when a victim suffers from different complications, also termed as symptoms.

These symptoms include sweating, nausea, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath. In fact, most of the people feel jittery when they come across situation, where they need to utter the long words. The reaction differs from people to people and so the symptoms.

In reality, long words phobia is an irrational fear, which poses no threat. Despite, knowing the reality, adults cannot control their emotion. The mere thought of facing situation, where they might have to utter or write long words can cause discomfort and anxiety.

People suffering from fear of long words syndrome would try his best to avoid all those encounters that gives birth to problem and causes panic attacks.

What is the cause of fear of long words
The preconceived apprehension in some way or other is to be blamed for such kind of phobias. In some cases, it is seen that past bitter experience also leads to suck kind of problem.

The victim might have faced embarrassment or became a laughing stock in the past and in this way, fear has crept into his mind.

People witnessing such incidents or watching such embarrassing scenes in TV shows and films may go through passive pain and suffering particularly when they relate the incident, with their condition.

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