Fear of long soft crawly insects (worms, catipilars even maggots)

by G

I'm not sure if its fear or disgust, the line distinguishing the two can get blurry or it might just be both. During rainy seasons I'd wear high platforms shoes to avoid the feeling of stepping on a worm, I don't know how this irrational fear all started since im aware a worm will not hurt me but the earliest memory I have of an uneasy feeling towards worms was when I was 8(?) we were walking in wet streets with family friends and this girl I had disliked stepped on a long piece of worm (they were everywhere!!) and that long worm shrunk then expanded in a horrific manner, ever since then I guess I started to pay more attention to them. Silly how phobias can start! It doesnt end there now whenever I see catipilars I feel the same way maybe even worse, how they seem so puffy and long and gushy and soft and how stepping on one would be the worst.

Good news is now 16 years of age the fear of worms has been...better, maybe its the long term exposure and getting used to them. Ive also decided when in doubt do not look at the side walk and run while saying "ahhh". Well, now that the secret of managing worm fear is out I guess I'll end it here. I apologize for any spelling mistakes and wish you all luck with your phobias!

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