Fear of lights left on

As a small child it is usually creepy for them to have the lights off whilst being put to bed. For me, the case is completely opposite. Well, when I was younger (1-6 yrs) I wasnmt very fond of the dark at all. From what I remember, it didn't take too long to get used to the dark. It never really scared me. One night, my mother walked in when I was asleep and turned on a lamp. She said maybe 5 minutes after it was turned on, I woke up. I couldn't stand it. I hate knowing what's in the room. Say a person who has plans to murder me were in that room, I'd rather have the light off and not know that they were there. If the light were on I would freak out. Maybe it's just a feeling of not wanting to feel fear. I don't completely understand it. This may not make much sense but hopefully my point gets across.

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