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stalked by leprechauns

I'm 17, live in california, and think there is a leprechaun is my room. It freaks my the fuck out. I swear some times my alarm goes of early in the morning, like one or two, without me setting it on. I'll but things somewhere at night and the next morning they are either on the floor or under my bed. And there are never any marshmallows in my luck charms, but maybe that is just my little sisters, but I swear this is freaking me the fuck out. Ever since I saw that stupid movie Leprechaun I've felt like there has been a leprechaun watching me and damn it is freaking me out

I have the fear of them too.
by: Anonymous

I developed the fear as a child but my friend decided to watch the movie Leprechan and that has increased my fear. It's ok. You're not the only one and I'm an 18yr old girl and I live in Canada. I don't have the fear of midgets or green or redheads. Just those things.

little guys
by: Anonymous

dont be afraid of what dont exist

I had a leprechaun in my house
by: tart

It sounds like a leprechaun is hiding in your house. Ireland is full of those pesky little buggers.I'm irish and have had the same problem.There was a cheeky little leprechaun called Paddy hiding in my house.I caught him when he was eating my cabbage and bacon. Unforotunately he hit me with his shillelagh and ran off. Did you know that if you catch a leprechaun, he is supposed to give you three wishes?. Good luck catching yours.

by: Anonymous

i don't think they reall or anything but i have been terrified of leprechauns sine i was four years old.

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