Fear of Leaving Town

by mike
(gamerco nm usa)

hi, to all

I will start by saying. I started having panic attacks at age 28 . now im 43 and do well as far as the panic go's. But it was like ever time i would travel they would get so bad that at the age of about 32 or so i got to the point that i did not leave my room /house for 3 years.

From 32 to 35 i was house bound. If i opened the door to my house i thought i was going to die. And dont no why, at around 35 i was put on zanax and it helped me to get out and from then i have did every thing to
stay going .

But i can only be around my town and my town is small it is only 8 mile's from one end to the other side. I do have the hight anxiety all the time with a panic attack from time to time. But i seam to deal with it better . But i just cant seam to get out of my safe zone .

I no that that every time i had a big panic attack it was always in a car on the road. Now i can travel around town but if i try to leave town i will be in a panic and dont no why.

The zanax helps but i will never take more the the 2 mg. i have been on for 15 long years. I no some people will take more as needed but i just wont do that.

They do wont me to try some ssri and all other kinds of med's but i wont. I dont wont to be on pill's all my life . Is there any one that has had this type of fear and has beat it. I just cant seam to beat it and i need to get out and enjoy life as this is killing me.

at one point in my life all i did was travel and when i think back i love i . I was the type that would jump up get in my car foe the week end and hit the road and have fun fish hunt travel and this part of my life i miss.

And All this anxiety/panic/fear / phobia came on slow over a 1 year stretch. I dont no were it came from just out of no were. one minute fine the next bang and now i just cant seem to get over it ..I just cope with it now a lot better. But i need to beat it does any one have any input on how to overcome the phobia of travelling out of your safe zone .

I would like to no if med's will help like ssri. as they wont me to take them but i dont wont to add to the zanax or should i try them i hear so many bad thing's about them it just scare's me or am i just over reacting????

I even payed over 100,000.00 for a rv to try to leave town and now i have a rv that sits in my driveway for nothing.

man i cant do this any more i nee some one that have beat this and nos just what im going on in my life . It is like the doc . just wonts ne to take one more med.

To may a long store short if i get in my car and leave town and get about 2/4 miles out im in a full panic and back to the house. And it takes me 2/3 day to calm down. And get back to some what normal. I can leave town if i get in the back of my car and lay down and have my wife rub my neck and head. And i am fine but all it take is for me to look up and bang i will go in to a panic right then.

I have tried just about every self help thing out there and nothing has worked and when i say i have tried the self help thing you just dont no. I have spent 1000 and 1000's of dollar's on this stuff.

i just dont no were to turn med's or just get on the road and if it kill's me then so be it .

any help would be nice . r74600@hotmail.com

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