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I know what your going through
by: Philip Timm

Hi I was doing some research on this myself, I have the same exact problem as you but not to the extreme of what your going through. Iv'e been having panic attacks since about the age of 14 I am now 23, at first the used to occur for different reasons mainly fear of death or I thought I had some sort of ailment. I used to love to travel everywhere at the drop of a hat then a few years ago after I got my prior panic attacks under control these ones started happening. Its ironic in a way, I used to never get panic attacks from traveling but I got them from everything else now I don't get them except when I leave my familiar area. Haha if I'm in a populated area with buildings and such I'm fine but when I get out to wide open country I freak out, I get incredibly dizzy and I feel like I'm going to faint. It really seems to happen alot on the highway or interstate as well. Pills will not solve it only offer a temporary band aid for the deep psychological problem that is deeply ingrained into a persons character. The brain goes into a fight and flight reflex when it shouldn't be and the adrenaline starts to pump throughout your body it can be quite the stressful ordeal. My best advice is to gradually take yourself out of your comfort zone one step at a time, like one day you can go a certain distance and when your comfortable with that go further. I'm sorry your going through all that, and I hope you find a solution and get your life back.

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