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by: Mimi

I am TERRIFIED of aquatic animals. Little aquarium fish are okay, anything exotic is frightening. Marine mammals are the worst! I get full on panic attacks just from seeing them on TV. It was hell in 4th grade, we went to seaworld and a dolphin hugged me. HE HUGGED ME. Thats sweet and all, and hes pretty cute, but I was so afraid he would drag me into that ice cold water and eat me! The baluga whales are the worst. :( I feel your pain man.

by: Anonymous

I have the same thing except even small fish scare me. And whales are horribly scary!!!

scary fish...
by: Anonymous

I hate big fish! they realy creep me out, and i can't stand even looking at a picture of one. I realised my fear only a few months ago when i went to an aquarium.

I agree
by: Haley

I agree, I'm the same. It is really bad I can't look at pictures or even a shark or whale in a video game - I start to freak out. Deep water scares me as well - I have no clue where this fear came from it just started.

by: Anonymous

I have the same fear.
I'm not able to even look at drawings of sea dragons or snakes. It makes me scared out of my wits.
Even as a child, I could never go in the bath tub, with a fear that something would pop up, same goes for the pool.
I nearly drawed when I was six in the ocean, and this fear developed then.

by: Amanda

I would never go snorkeling. Or diving.
sea world has never ever interested me at all...i am SCARED of large sea creatures. I cant even watch a National Geographic without getting chills. BAD chills. The ocean and those humongous things that live in it are just so scary to me. I feel like a real wierdo because when i say this out loud to people..they laugh. but it isnt funny or for attention...i just am scared of large fish. Never care to go whale watching..or swim with the dolphins...NO WAY. THE AQUARIUM almost makes me go into cardiac arrest for goodness sake!!!!!!!

by: Drew

I have the exact same fear as you.

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