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Me too
by: Dennis

I thought I was alone in this! Ive had this fear of large images since childhood. I remember I had a Tshirt with a huge eagle when I was 5 yrs old and couldnt stand to even having it near. I also had an encyclopedia with huge photos of deep sea fish and I couldnt see those without feeling I was about to swoon. My fear has never been gone and somehow has specialized cause I can stand in front of a film poster and feel ok but not being able to stand images that take up most of a PC screen when seen from up close. Im also unable to hold in my hands, for instance, a Nat Geo mag with huge images of dinosaurs, though I can stand relatively close to a big tv screen that shows those very same images, without trouble. The swooning fearful sensation is heightened when looking into a
Minilaptop where a detail of a really big image takes up the whole screen, for instance a 10" by 7" eye while the rest of the obviously huge face is off screen. Sometimes the vertigo-like sensation occurs when looking from a meter away at tv screen which is showing distorted, elongated images that give off a feeling of extra depth that I find really frightful. That is the case when the format of certain movies has been tampered with. I cant find an explanation or cause for this. Thanks for ur time!

by: Kai-Kai

Trust me, you're not the only one. Yours seems a lot more severe than mine because I only get scared if the picture is on a computer and after a while it gets better and I can look again. I'm also really scared of parts of pictures that are enlarged, is it the sam with you? I don't know, the bluriness is just really creepy.

You are not alone!
by: Anonymous

I, too, have a fear of large pictures. if it takes up most of the computer screen, that does it for me. Not so much posters, but maybe very large posters with large pictures of people in them. I also have a fear of large statues, which I have actually traced back to a few childhood incidents, but still haven't figured out how to overcome it, and haven't figured out anything about the pictures (where it came from, what it's called, etc.)

by: Anonymous

I have a fear of large pictures to mostly the ones on the computer screen or in my text books I hate not knowing what I'm looking at if its an animal such as a whale I would problably die I sat so far back in class because my friend was looking at a shark book and I was in trouble because I wasent gonna sit beside him I need help

I feel your pain!
by: Nikki

I have had this fear for as long as I can remember too! I remember experiencing it first when I ws 8, and had a care bear beach towel that scared me so bad! I have been researching this fear for a while now and finally found somebody else! I always put "fear of big pictures" in google, but this is the first time anything came up. I thought I was the only one as well. Good to know where not alone in this stuff. People just think I'm crazy when I tell them about this fear.

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