Fear of large metal structures

by Rachel

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am 22. I have always been terrified of large metal structures. It is mostly when the metal is all twisted or has open gaps in between like a bridge frame or ore dock type of deal. I cannot stand rusted metal, and even solid metal objects like ships and sometimes buildings terrify me. Just the thought of seeing them causes me to get shakey and panic. I even start to cry. Large pipes and metal power lines disgust me. I cannot look at a ships propeller. I once went to the Eiffel Tower and became very sick/teary eyed being around it. Even if I do not look at the object but know it is near me, I freak out. People are always very skeptical and do not believe me or understand why I fear these things. I do not know why myself. Anyone else like this, and is there a name for it?

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