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Giant hollow metal structures, I guess.
by: Ekin

I kind of share your phobia, Rachel. I'm quite afraid of giant metal structures myself, but not exactly as you are. Planes and ships don't frighten me. I've been to the Eiffel Tower and I was perfectly fine with it.
However, there's this museum in my school (The campus of my college used to be the country's first thermal power plant) and it has huge, HUGE metal objects in it, machines and pipes and all that. They scare the life out of me. There's this "room" inside one such metal structure, and it's completely dark. I can't see if there is anything inside, or how big the room is. I feel like fainting when I pass by the opening to the room. Same case with this giant metal pipe (Not anything thing, mind you. It's around 10 cm thick) that sort of stops around two meters from the ground and you can see inside, but of course, it's completely dark inside.
I'm also terrified of sunken ships and submarines.
I think mine is more like a fear of giant metal objects combined with darkness? I dont know.
Anyways, just wanted to let you know that you're not crazy, I kind of share your fear.

Fear of metal objects
by: Tina

You have my sympathy; I suffer the same, especially re. cranes over water but construction cranes upset me too!

I've been told my condition is 'derrickophobia'.

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