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what do we have!?
by: dru

Me too!!! The bumps on the back of leaves, barnacles on a boat or pier, ants... wasp nests, bee hives... Chills all over my body...I can't handle!! What is the name!

Does anyone know what this phobia is named??
by: Barbie

I, too, suffer anxiety from seeing a large collection of just about anything. I was not aware that it was a real problem until lately. When I see a collection of things like: ants, coins, pebbles, etc; I begin to itch and rub my eyes extensively and then I end up spending a sleepless night because every time I close my eyes I see whatever the collection of objects was and then the anxiety begins again. I would really like to get more information on this phobia and to see if there is any type of treatment. I tried immersion therapy to see if it would help, yet I have not found it to be effective with overcoming the issue.

omg, finally someone else
by: DC

I thought I was the only one felt that way. If i see a large cluster of small things such as moving ants, fish, anything of that nature, my stomach weakens to the point of me almost passing out. I always wondered of I was the only person suffered from this, but its good to know im not A freak.

ugh! clusters are revolting.
by: Anonymous

anytime i see a cluster i feel revolted. even the word cluster disgusts me. it gets worse when im anxious about something. my dad is the same he hates clusters too, so i must have inherited it from him. when i was a child there was a girl in my class with an ear infection she had clusters of tiny dry crusty scabs peeping out underneath a gause bandage and they seeped pus....agh im having a meltdown even now thinking of it. i think that was the start of it for me. my neighbour has a patio of clustered rocks sitting on their side, it revolts me.

same here
by: kittie

omfg i thought i was the only one. everytime i see them it makes me itch.
im terribly afried. i tried to cook rice today and i got super freaked out. i dont like the feeling. i just close my eyes,run away and scream.people seem to think i over reacted but i cant help it.

Same here
by: Martha

No worries, I fear the exact same things. It's not as bad as to where I'm afraid of bubbles from soda but bugs, animals, shreds of things disgust me and I can't look at them.

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