Fear of koalas and clams

When I was in 5th grade, we had to to do a report on an animal. We did not get to pick the animal, and I got the koala. I didn't know I was afraid of them, but I just thought they were creepy looking. Then I open the information book. I suddenly saw how disturbing this animal was, and it freaked me out that they have 2 thumbs stuck together. Oce at a friends house, she threw a stuffed koala at me, and I screamed and ran away. The next morning I awoke to see it laying on the ned and I panicked. I am still terrified of them.

THe next year, 6th grade, we were learning about marine creatures and taking notes in science. The teacher put up a picture of a clam. I learned that they had eyes inside of there shellm\, which again, freaked me out. One day, I bit into one, thinking it was something else. The meat was gross, and I screamed and threw it. Then, st the beach, I saw one and took off running. I cannot realy explain why I have these fears

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