Fear of Jewelry

I am 18 years old and I can not stand seeing, wearing, or touching jewelry. It literally makes me stomach turn.

I think my fear of jewelry came from when I was a child. My grandfather molested me when I was a three, and he was a jeweler. I had a restraining order against him, but my brother did not.

Three years after the incident, my grandfather sent my brother some junk jewelry as a gift. My brother was younger than I and sucked and played with the jewelry while I watched feeling nauseated. I immediately get a slimy feeling when I see or feel jewelry, and it is very difficult for me.

I can't stand being near people who wear excessive jewelry, and when I eat near someone who is wearing jewelry it is especially difficult. I somehow convince myself it is in the food and that it is in my mouth.

I am not really sure how to fix it. I think I know the cause, yet there is no real clear solution.

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