Fear of Jewellery / Hair Clips / Many types of water

by Katie

1. it's not so much a fear- more a excessive dislike- of jewellery. the first i remember of it happening was p.e. back in primary school when a friend asked me to look after their earrings while they participated in p.e.
holding their earrings in my hands sent shivers through my body and since then-and do this day i find it difficult to be around people wearing small jewellery like the golden crosses.
2. hair clips also send shivers throughout my body and anyone wearing them in their hair makes me feel sick..
3. any sort of water.. like baths, washing up bowls, swimming pools terrify me .. i can drink water and wash my hands but when it starts to fill up i panic and constantly think things like sharks are underneath me, basically i consistently feel unsafe and vulnerable. i dont go swimming and i could never go in the sea, not even the shallow area. i can swim and used to have lessons so i dont know how it started. films where people are swimming frighten me and make me feel sick..
on the bright side its a good excuse not to do the washing up ;)

but yeah, does anyone know what these phobias are called?
im 14 and it seems really weird that i have them o.O

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