Dou You Suffer From
Fear of Intimacy?

Fear of intimacy – that is fear of being close or being together. An intimate experience is one of the cherished moments of your life. Nothing else can be more fantastic than sharing your deepest thoughts with the person you love the most.

You satisfy your soul with love, passion and joy and the satisfaction you get is worth treasuring.

Jan Heering

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In fact, fear of intimacy does not mean fear of being close – it is in reality a fear of being hurt in the process of being together or being loved. Apprehension of intimacy involves two fears – fear of being rejected or losing the partner and fear of losing identity in love.

However, when you have fear of intimacy, you tend to live alone and this unwarranted loneliness ultimately leads to lack of emotional and spiritual growth. You are afraid of the situation because you don't know how to manage or control a rejection.

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However, if you can make others love you because of your capability of esteeming yourself, then no longer the fear of rejection can disturb your psyche.

You can easily get rid of the fear of intimacy when you have the courage to speak for yourself and don't give others an opportunity to intrude on, surround, influence and master you.

It is very difficult to overcome the grief of losing oneself in a relationship and thus in most cases people prefer to stay out of intimacy. At times what happens that love demands subjugation.

You go on satisfying your partner and listen to everything he/she tells or commands you. For you, this is a way of showing how much you care for the person. However, a time comes when you are tired of doing such things and thus you start hating relationships.

When you have fear of intimacy, you are unable to share yourself with others. For this, you just have to keep your mind and heart open and learn how to value yourself. The fear of being intimate has a close connection with fear of commitment, but both concepts are surely different.

The signs and symptoms of fear of intimacy

  • You feel negative, angry and uncomfortable when you see others voicing their thoughts and opinions

  • You can't show affection to those whom you love the most

  • You don't want to open yourself up and conceal information about yourself

  • You behave critically with yourself and others

Some people are normally very conservative in matters of demonstrating their feelings. Remember, it is always wise to change yourself rather than trying to change others.

Fear of intimacy is there because you are generally afraid of abandonment, betrayal and rejection. However, you know that you are out of the fear only when others can see into you, help you know who you are and help you out at times of deliberate need.

How to get rid of fear of intimacy?
Self help NLP technique is the most perfect way of helping you gain confidence over yourself. It helps you combat all sorts of psychological turmoil and reveal yourself positively to others.

NLP self help techniques help you change your “mental constructs” and help you act the way you are. This is how you can best get rid of fear of intimacy and take pleasure of your life.

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