Fear of inhaling other people's breath

by Kieren

It's not a crippling fear honestly, but it does make me extremely uncomfortable and panicky. Each time someone passes me on the street I automatically hold my breath until they are at least 5 meters away from me. Being in small, closed spaces with lots of people (trains, lifts) freaks me out because I can't help but notice all the secondhand air. I am aware that probably most of the air on earth has been breathed in before, but I try not to think about it. Breathing around other people makes me sick and it's even worse if I can smell them. It's especially bad when the weather is cold and I can see the vapor they breathe out.
I don't know when I started being afraid of inhaling other people's breaththis, I've pretty much always held my breath around people so I suppose the fear has always kind of been there.

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