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Me too!
by: OliKnightYT

I also have this phobia , I'm only 13 but when me and the other students are waiting in the hallway ,out of fear of breathing these people's second hand air I hold my breath for as long as I can and I get to somewhere open where I can breathe. This also happens in lifts and any small place really , even in corners of rooms. When I was younger I had something similar , I didn't ever breathe the air in the car unless I put my hand over my mouth(I had clean hands),It was a similar feeling to the one I have now but the car one has gone away and developed into this anemophobia , If anyone has any tricks please say ,because sometimes I'm with friends and it makes me seem quite rude , even though I'm trying to be as sutil as possible.


Other people's air Phobia
by: Anonymous

I have had the same exact problem for 20+ years. even holding my breath when someone walks past me. and I literally cannot make my lungs inhale when someone is talking and their too close to my face.

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