Fear of images of planets.

by Samantha

Things like this are ok, but if it was any bigger, I'd be upset by it

Things like this are ok, but if it was any bigger, I'd be upset by it

For most of my life I've had a strange irrational fear of images of space and certain planets themselves. It normally has to be a good quality image to bring about this fear and the planet or object in the picture needs to be a decent size to make me nervous, so I'm normally ok with things like looking at the moon or pics of tiny planets and galaxies. But when I see things like huge images of Galaxies or certain planets, I feel really ill and have to close the image or look away. Also, for some reason I don't mind looking at pictures of planets like Uranus or Neptune, it's normally Jupiter, Saturn, then sun and SOMETIMES the rocky planets like Mercury or the moon if it's a large detailed picture (with craters and what-not). If not, I'm fine. It's also worse when I'm in a dark room, I'm assuming that's because it's more like I'm in space or close to it, if the room is well-lit then SOMEtimes I'm ok. I can, however, watch a Sci-fi film or a space documentary without any problem for some reason. But things like 3-D space simulators (like Celestia (GNOME) on Ubuntu) make me jump when a planet suddenly comes into view and such. I also hate the idea of being in space and having planets in view >.< It's also worse the better quality an image is, like if it's quite blurry I might be ok with it.

I think it's just a specific case of astrophobia, but I could be wrong? I doubt theres a specific phobia for the fear of Images of space.

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