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Same thing
by: Anonymous

I hav the same phobia and it sucks because I've always wanted to be an astronomer

by: Anonymous

For me, it's mostly Saturn and those stark, perfect rings. It's very uncomfortable to look at. So terrifyingly beautiful.

I think I've figured out some of the underlying things responsible.

For me, it's mainly the acute awareness of five things:

The scale.

The perfection.

The flagrant display, presentation and simplification of raw physics.

The diversity and arbitrariness of these objects.

How real and non-theoretical they are.

It's troubling to see something so incomprehensibly large, but at the same time, that showcases the simple laws of physics so visibly.

It feels like seeing something that should be esoteric, like a textbook depiction of an atom, but it's this real thing. Perfectly spherical, mathematically conforming rings in that flat intersecting plane, but blown up to an unimaginable scale. Like some kind of child's geometry problem in the sky. This abstract thing becomes real. We can see it with a telescope. We can fly to it and take pictures. Crash into it or even land on it (the fact we have technology to do this and understand so much is also unnerving, somehow).

Seeing gravity at work at such a scale, in such a powerful and audacious form is terrifying. How instantly accessible it all is.

So "alien," CGI-looking and stark, with perfect, sharp, unfettered, absolutely black shadows. Yikes!

How the sun hits it like spotlight illuminating a pea (how large the sun is in comparison) is also unnerving. There definitely is a "scale awareness" thing going on, I think.

Seeing those scale comparison animations, or charts, of the plants and sun is also uncomfortable to look at.

I tried having a super high res Saturn screen saver on my two 30" monitors for a while. It was just too uncomfortable for me. Lol.

Those terrible, stark, beautiful rings. :)

In some ways I think my reaction is natural. We puny humans SHOULD be terrified, at some primal level, by seeing objects (for the first time in our history) like this. It shows a level of intelligence, capacity to comprehend and awareness of the strange, stark, diverse universe we live in.

by: Anonymous

Jupiter... i hate that damn planet! I have no issues with any other planet or star. I can look at high res images of any celestial body except jupiter. I have had nightmares of waking up on one of jupiters moons and being overwhelmed by my looking up. A crushing fear as i realize where i am and what im seeing. The more unpleasant nightmare is of me in a space suit falling into jupiters atmosphere, its fast at first but as i fall deeper the atmos thickens and it gets darker. Eventually its like my body is being sucked into a black slush. As this is a dream im dead but somehow, in typical dream fashion, im viewing my body from above. If anyone finds out how to make that planet go away you have my vote.

Jupiter fills me with dread
by: TeeDee

At first it was just Jupiter that freaked me out. The gas moves so fast that it's manic, like a rushing centipede only worse - the thought of clouds ripping by so fast they tear anything and everything apart, self included, and it's so immensely *vast*. To me it makes no sense, like it's some kind of Lovecraftian god or something.

Jupiter and space
by: Anonymous

OMG I feel the same way. There is something eerie about Jupiter and space itself. Is it because we don't belong there?

Blame it on Google.
by: Jan Valenzuela

Okay, I didn't even think there were so many people who have the same phobia as mine.Thank goodness. Actually,I was really fascinated by galaxies, stars and other heavenly bodies when I was a kid, like they're the most beautiful things ever created. However, when I searched for a picture of planets and the universe on Google, and saw an HD picture of it, I started to freak out. I felt like the universe's picture was eating me... like I was going to suffocate... and die. I really hope I could overcome this fear.

This is nice!
by: Miguel Crespo

Well, since i was a little kid i've feared of planets. Even though i loved astronomy and the universe overall i just couldn't see one page in the book wich it had no text.. just a giant image of Jupiter. I just couldn't see it, it gave me chills and nightmares! I remember once, when i was about 8, i went to an "observatory" it really wasn't an observatory because it didn't have a telescope, it was a just huge screen with a video and stuff. I panicked and screamed when lots of planets from the solar system started coming for me really quickly, i couldn't explain it to my dad because i didn't even understand it too! But really what i fear the most are nebulas.. they reeaaallyy freak me out, although i really don't have so much trouble with the solar system. Mercury is fine, Venus sometimes scares me but not really so much, Mars doesn't reeeally scare me at all, Jupiter i think it's the one that gives me chills, Saturn not really that much,the ring kinda "fixes" it, Uranus and Neptune don't scare me either.. and Pluto.. just like Mercury. I'm happy i found out i'm not the only one and i'm looking foward to the reason of this!

Me too
by: Husam

I fear enlarged high resolution images of planets, moons and the sun. When they are scaled to fit on the monitor it's very ok, but when for example a 2000 x 1400 pixel image is at actual pixels then I am really scared. Once I was downloading planetary images, one of them was an image of the our sun, and suddenly I enlarged it at full resolution, then I simply freaked out! It was some 4000 x 3000 pixels!
Regarding your comment on EVE online, I watched gameplay on YouTube and I now know what you mean!

I have this too
by: Anonymous

For some odd reason I have acquired a new phobia of planets and stars,when I was young I was fine, I could look at stars and planets and I didn't care much, but now for some reason just thinking about anything that is out there and bigger than earth freaks me out and I start panic and breathe heavly.

I can't believe it
by: Anonymous

I never knew others felt this way to! I remember always being really interested in planets as a kid, but actually seeing pictures started to really freak me out. I remember going to the planetarium as a kid, and the dome video thing scared the crap out of me. I had to close my eyes for the whole thing. Riding space mountain as a kid for the first time also made me panic, I had to close my eyes because the swirling galaxies and images like that got me really anxious. I can't even stand to look at pictures of Jupiter. Just crazy to think other people experience the same thing!

google earth
by: Margo

Started with Google Earth. Initially it was fun to zoom around from country to country..fascinating actually, then soon after a fear overcame me just launching the site! I've removed the program from my computer.

by: Anonymous

FULL Moon and the videos of space and space sounds spook me.I am also scared of planet sounds.

by: Anonymous

I am right there with you.... Ever since I was little I was so fascinated by space however, I couldn't stand looking at HD 3D images of planets and stars it completely freaked me out.

YES I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

I'm SO glad I'm not the only person with this-ironically, I love astronomy and science fiction stuff but if I see a close-up photo of a planet I get freaked out, especially if it's one of the gas giants. Looking at Earth doesn't scare me out as much as it used to, I guess because I live here haha xD(although I still look away sometimes when I open up Google Earth). I'm alright with galaxies or a bunch of faraway stars, but if I see a close up picture of the moon or Jupiter or Neptune etc. on the internet or a magazine I jump and get all scared. It was a real problem one night when a friend came to my house with his telescope so we could stargaze, but the moon was rising and he didn't understand why I didn't want to look at it. And yet I was alright with looking at Venus and nebulae and other stuff because they were much further away. I feel really stupid-what kind of astronomer is afriad of looking at planets?-but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one.

another victim
by: summan

same like you people... i have been experiencing the same since i was in 5th class. i just saw a picture f the world in my geography book and there it all started... im scared of the detailed picture of earth. it damn freaks me out. i feel fainted when i even look at the picture, its not possible for me to visit a planaterium seriosly guys i love u all as i was thinkng m the only one having this weird issue as no one understands this situation of mine. i get a panic attack when i see these kinda pics. yes im ok with sun and moon. but some planets like jupiter venus mars and especially my dearest EARTH.. OMG.. i just feel that m gonna die. its too scary when it is in black background with editing stuff.. and the google earth. cant bear it man. is there any way to stop this? or is there a name for this phobia?

by: Anonymous

your guys stories sound so similar to me. I think space and astrology is soooo cool but google earth is like so scary when i see real pictures of planets and space it freaks me out to know what is really out there and we are so small compared to stuff like this, pictures of catastrophes such as tornadoes and storms freak me out as well

by: Sarah

Oh wow, just out of curiosity i was wonderng if having a fear of seeing images of planets was something nobody else had and stumbled upon this sight! For 15 yrs plus i've had a recurring nightmare of opening the blinds of my bedroom and a huge planet or earth Is sitting outside the window, i wake up with a cold sweat when i have that one! I'm even hesitant of using google maps if i don't know a particular local incase i have to zoom on from the image of the earth! Thanks for everyone else's comments, kind of nice to know i'm not alone but it doesn't affect my day to day life, just means my friends think i'm hilarious and that i won't be looking into a career in astronomy anytime soon!

Make it Official
by: Chase

No one would believe or understand this problem I have. It won't make me crazy or shiver when looking at them, but knowing their sizes make me extremely uncomfortable looking at them. What's the name of this phobia?

I finally realised I have a phobia
by: Liam

Ive always had this phobia of planets for as long as I can remember. Ironically planets fascinate me and I like star wars and star trek. Sometimes I can look at images of planets in a film and I've even played games like Eve online. I never get past the 14 day trial because I find after a couple of sessions I cant bare to see planets. The worse ones for me is the sun and the gas giants jupiter and saturn, even venus freaks me out a bit. Our phobia must be called planet phobia then!

Feeling sick, cold and naked.
by: Anonymous

Im glad to have read this and learned that I am not the only one who feels this way. The way I react is very similar. Ever since I was a little girl I've loved astro-phenomenons and the mystery of the Universe, but still I get "startled" or even "frightened" when I see a larger picture of planets or things like supernovas. More so the circular objects of space (any). The red spot of jupiter makes me feel anxious and a little sick. Mercury with its massive number of craters make me even worse. I think it might be connected to another phobia I have which is "trypophobia", the fear of clusters of holes, and I think this is connected to the fear of sudden circular objects in a almost empty picture. Looking at such pictures makes my skin crawl and start to itch, which I also feel when looking at planets. Its said that trypophobia also can be a fear of things that "shouldn't be there" or sudden disruptions to a pattern. I don't know if that phobia has anything to do with the fear of planets or such, but I definitely get scared and get chills through my body. Its like I feel cold, naked and in danger. Thank you for this post, I haven't told anyone about how I react to these kind of pictures. Its nice to know that I'm not alone. :)

Omg I thought I was the only one
by: Anonymous

When I was Kid I liked looking at planets but now for some reason it freaks me out like what the heck especially if u think that ur in space and u imagine what would the planets look like in ur own two eyes like in front of u, a huuuuuuge scary round ball shape compared to us humans

I didn't realize this was even common
by: Anonymous

It probably isn't, but nice to see that other people have the same phobia so that I don't feel so strange.

My fear seems to be very selective. I can look through a telescope and see Jupiter and Saturn, no problem; I don't mind looking at the Moon in real life. And when it comes to films or documentaries, I'm fine: computer-generated planet/star stuff is no problem for me when it's part of something like that.

But Google Earth just freaks me out. I don't know why. When I look at it, I feel like I'm falling towards the surface of the Earth. Same with large, static images of the planets and stars. Programs like Celestia are really interesting to me, but I have a hard time using them because of this paranoia (I have to make the window very small.)

By the way, has anyone else noticed how Google Maps now automatically starts in satellite mode? I can't even look at it for one second. Go to hell, Google.

Glad I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

//For most of my life I've had a strange irrational fear of images of space and certain planets themselves. It normally has to be a good quality image to bring about this fear and the planet or object in the picture needs to be a decent size to make me nervous, so I'm normally ok with things like looking at the moon or pics of tiny planets and galaxies. But when I see things like huge images of Galaxies or certain planets, I feel really ill and have to close the image or look away. Also, for some reason I don't mind looking at pictures of planets like Uranus or Neptune, it's normally Jupiter, Saturn, then sun and SOMETIMES the rocky planets like Mercury or the moon if it's a large detailed picture (with craters and what-not). If not, I'm fine. It's also worse when I'm in a dark room, I'm assuming that's because it's more like I'm in space or close to it, if the room is well-lit then SOMEtimes I'm ok. I can, however, watch a Sci-fi film or a space documentary without any problem for some reason. But things like 3-D space simulators (like Celestia (GNOME) on Ubuntu) make me jump when a planet suddenly comes into view and such.//

This is SO me! And I thought I was the only weird one :P Strangely enough, astronomy is what fascinates me no end and yet.. this weird, irrational fear. Hehe. I'm too afraid to even look through a telescope! Although, I'm planning on conquering that fear by buying a high-powered one ;)

So Good To Know I'm Not Alone
by: Anonymous

Like so many of the comments I've read on this sight, high-res images of planets, stars, and especially Hubble Telescope images with contrast added to them FREAK ME OUT! I tried to think back when this phobia of mine started and it dawned on me that it began some years ago, when this particular photo image entitled the "Eye of God" hit the internet. I looked it up to provide a good description for you all and I had to talk myself into googling it and looking at it. I can't stop myself from shuddering. Anyways, the "Eye of God" is a NASA photo of the Helix Nebula. Dang that photo still gives me chills to do this day. Now any photo of space scare the beejeezies out of me.

The moon!
by: Anonymous

Ever since I was a kid I have a phobia of seeing the moon too close. I have nightmares about it. I saw the movie Joe vs the volcano, in movie theater. When the giant moon rose I had a panic attack. I love scifi, watching the night sky, and the moon in its normal size. I know the moon isnt a planet but this is the closest to my phobia I can find. planets dont effect me only the moon.

by: Anonymous

I am terrified of Jupiter, sometimes I have nightmares. The big red spot, even larger then earth, freaks me out everytime I see it. I also cant stand that those bands move around in all different directions. And just the whole concept of gas giants freaks me out, that they dont have a solid surface and are just sky. I saw a video which shows how planets would look from earth if they were the distance from the moon and when they showed jupiter engulfing the whole night sky and the music getting scary, I almost passed out in my seat.

I think I have the reason
by: Teddy

I love astronomy, although my phobia isn't worse than some of you guys stated, I still have it, ever since elementary school. I have no problems with some planets like Earth,Venus, or the Sun, Moon, and Galaxies. I don't mind even artisitic conceptions. Heck, not even images of Pangeae. This is coming from someone who loved watching the Human Centipede 2.

This might be wierd but I think I have a few reasons why.

1) They are so fierce while you are so puny:
I have always been very skinny and weak. Whenver I see something so big I tend to feel a little helpless. I am gonig to work out. lol

2) Do you have a fear of window peepers or being looked at really close by face-to-face? Notice how these planets look like they are staring at you? (And being puny doesn't help either)Are you also intimidated by being directly looked at in the eye? This has been my issue, I always see huge planets staring at me ni the eye like if they want to rape me or something.

Currently I'm trying to battle this phobia by continuing to look at even more freaky planets.

Thank God I read this!
by: Jacob

I am so glad that there are other people out here who feel this way. We have a lot in common: we are all interested in astronomy and have been from a young age, but for some reason we cannot imagine being in space. I can barely look at images of planets or galaxies. It resonates with my fear of being away from home, and we are taught to believe that space is the final frontier and that you cannot get any further than this. Perhaps this is where our shared fear comes from?

Visit to the planetarium
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad to discover I'm not the only one who suffers from this phobia, but the strange thing in my case is that as far as I remember, I didn't have problems looking at planets' pictures when I was a kid I even remember going to the planetarium and enjoying the visit, I can't recall the exact moment when it started, but currently I can't even look at a hi-res picture in my computer, let alone see those simulators in the NASA webpage or zooming in from space in google earth... btw sorry for my english, I live in Mexico City...

i hate jupiter's great red spot :|
by: Sid

i also have this phobia of looking at pictures of planets and the sun. it's really weird because ever since i was a child, i've always loved astronomy. i remember staring at pictures of planets when i was a kid and dreaming of being an astronaut. it's really weird because now that i'm a grown up man, i developed this fear of being sucked into the picture. :|

People laugh at me, but it's true!
by: shadafugup

I've had a fear of visual renderings of planets for as long as I can remember, and it goes away and comes back at different times in my life. I remember a dream from when I was very young that all the planets were lined up and visible in the night sky, and it terrified me. But when I was in 5th or 6th grade, I did a lengthy unit on space and the planets and wasn't bothered at all, even by detailed renderings of planetary surfaces. Jupiter and Saturn are the worst for me, Neptune and Uranus are iffy. Fiery planets and large stars ruin me. A detailed rendering of Sirius or Arcturus sends me in a panic. I'm a HUGE Futurama and Star Wars fan, and it's actually helped me cope greatly, and I don't feel triggered at all wathcing them. But I still can't stand the sight of real space. People generalize a fear of space as an underlying fear of aliens or being lost forever, etc.--but I've always been greatly bothered by the sight of planets and stars. Videos and gifs demonstrating our place on the astronomic scale, what it would be like if earth had rings, what the planets would look like if they were the same distance as our moon, they seem to have set it off in the last few months. It just bothers me terribly. My mind will wander to the "surface" of jupiter and I actually panic and have to grab myself and remind myself that I am on earth and of earth, it's absurd but it's very very terrifying.

so creepy
by: Anonymous

when ever i take a night flight and i look out of the plane windows and see stars it freaks me out SO much i just pull the shutter down.
even the mere thought of it gives me shivers. i think this "fear of planets" or outer space has come recently for me. it wasnt there before.
Im not afraid of heights or the sky when its day but at night, the black color and shiny panets swimming around FREAKS ME OUT.
the mere THOUGHT of being in outer space gives me panic attacks. but hey, atleast im not a freak alone

by: Anonymous

Wow! I always thought I was alone on this. That i might be crazy or weird in some sort of way. But when i found this, i got sort of relived. I once told a couple of my friends about it, and they just had no idea what i was saying. I never really talk about it. Tonight (May 5th), they're saying there's going to be a supermoon. I'm totally cool about seeing stars and planets from far away. Like the sky, but when i search them up on google. I just get terrified. I wonder, if that's just normal, but then i realised it's not. I just searched up supermoon on google, and saw a tons of images of the moon right in front of me and it scared me so freaking much. I started stuttering and mumbling stuff. For some reason, it doesn't really scare me that much when i see it in books. But when i search it up on the internet, i can't help but feel terrified. Anyway, it's glad to get this out. Is there any name for this phobia?

I'm glad I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

I've had the same fear since I was a kid, too. I can't look at any planets (or moons) in resolutions ranging from high to low. Actually reading through the previous posts and imagining the sun (from one description) freaked me out. Images of the bottom of the ocean do the same thing. Glad to see that this is a condition that's shared and presumably treatable.

It's annoying
by: Anonymous

I have this phobia too. I want to know that can you guys look at the real bacteria by microscope also? And the most interesting things is the most of you like astronomy, but when it comes to picture, you can't help but looking away. I love astronomy too, but can't see detailed pictures of planets, galaxies, and even milky way.

by: Anonymous

I don't remember exact date of this fear had emerged. But knowing that I'm the only one is pretty relieving. I found out a quite strange thing that the most of comment writers are interested in astronomy, and enjoy reading about them. But when it comes to a big detailed picture of planet or galaxies, i can't help but looking away quickly! Is there any treatment for it? it'll be quite embarrassing, when I'm noticed being afraid of just planet pictures.

Fear of Planets
by: Anonymous

OMG! I have never been able to explain this phonbia to anyone in my life! I've always been quiet about it. I don't even know if it has a name or not. When I was a little girl we were traveling back from out of town when I was half asleep before day break and woke up to see the sun comming through the clouds. I had a panic attack and no one knew what it was! I have always been afraid of pictures of planets. I can not look at them in books, on the internet or in any form. I am similiar to another individual who stated that Planets with rocky craters are the worse i.e. I also can not look at open spaces in pictures at the musuem or large faces in pictures that look at me. (Small faces in regular picture shots are ok). It is ironic, because I love to fly and flying does not bother me.

I am so glad to know that I am not so weird, someone else understands and also has this phobia. I have never shared it with anyone. Who would understand it?

Bloody Google Earth !
by: Anonymous

it started a few years back , and with time, at least i realised that i got a phobia ( i mean, thank God i dint think i was the only one with this fear ;), else i cudhv died lol ) ..
well, in my case, it started with google earth ! the damn thing freaked me out once, when i was using it along with my sis, i even shouted out so LOUD when it started rotating and zooming in and out , omg :S
but the strange thing is that, i developped this phobia.. i never had it before.. its only since a few years back that i started being not at ease with pictures and videos of planets .. i just cant stand any satellites pictures of the Earth as well, i mean when pictures of countries are taken from the sky and all :/

Me too..
by: Anonymous

Same as many here, I LOVE astronomy, but since I can think, I hated to watch into a telescope or binoculars. Watching pictures in books is OK, but programms like Celestia or Stellarium or Google Earth - NO! I get crazy just when opening them already. I fear actually all planets surfaces when they get closer. It happened many times that some programm suddenly started zooming, then I start screeming and shut the laptop. When I get into a dark outside, I first always check whether there is somewhere the moon hiding. I hate it when I suddenly notice it BIG next to the horizont!

Same here
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem.
I remember tree situations that might have caused it. Two of those were movies that I saw when I was a kid.
First there was this scene in the movie 2010 space odyssey were Jupiter collapsed or something.
Second there was a movie, were a space ship fall into a black hole.
And third, when I was a kid my parents had a globe, around twice the size of a soccer ball. I was playing with it when it drop to the ground, and the globe split open revealing the aluminium interior. I got so scared that I couldn't even look enter my parents room because the globe was there.
I am trying to fight this fear by using rationalisation, putting high resolutions wallpapers on my computer, and force myself looking at them.
It was very hard in the beginning, but I'm getting better now. Still there's always some kind of jolt in my brain when I look at them.
I always think "It's a picture it cannot hurt me".

It's not just me!
by: Anonymous

I'm the exact same! If I look at super high quality pictures I get freaked out! Or if I go to a planetarium i can't even look. The worst for me is a picture of the sun. I CANNOT stand it. Jupiter also scares me. Thank God I'm not the only one with this fear!

by: Anonymous

O wow I'm glad im not the only one who gets scared of planets... I know that for me it's wierd having to explain this to people... they think im joking. Since planet phobia is not a very common phobia.

I'm surprised at this.
by: Anonymous

Well, for future reference and for the sake of space exploration, and the continuation of mankind, people with this fear really REALLY shouldn't board a vessel for deep space exploration and potentially inhabiting an extra terrestrial planet. You'd probably go insane and kill everyone on board like Pandorum. Haha. Sorry.

I've heard of this phobia before, a friend of a friend of mine will panic at the thought of Earth in orbit. I can not think of an explination for this, besides perhaps a deep rooted desire to believe that we really aren't in orbit, and that we're perhaps in a realm related to heaven, or something like that. Maybe denial. Fascinating.

Fear of planets
by: Anonymous

So I'm not the only guy with this problem.Like you all guys I am interested in astronomy.It all happened when I saw these pictures on an encyclopedia.It started when I was 12.This really freaks me out. Like all of you guys Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune n Uranus just makes me restless.Bloody Jupiter pics gives me the worst nightmare.It really seems irrational.Nobody tries to understand n everyone used to laugh at me. I really find it hard to fight this fear. what is the cause of this fear remains uncertain.I jus wanna kick out tis fear out of my mind, same u all guys out there will be thinking the same.
I think hypnosis is one option. help..

I feel so much better knowing I am not alone!
by: Zahra

Wow, I have the same phobia too. It started exactly as the first poster described- whilst looking through a book one day and suddenly feeling overwhelmed. Only a few members of my family know about this and they find it hilarious. I am terrified of Google Earth as you see the Earth from afar then it zooms in.

same here!
by: Anonymous

i'm scared of saturn n the ring around it! this happens when i've my shower,especilly when i close my eyes for facing my face,it gives me a feeling of being in the space! i fear the whole solar system !i thought this is my only problem!

It really bothers me
by: Alvaro

Ever since I was 3 years old, I've been fascinated with astronomy and marveled at images from space. And a couple of years ago, I got involved in a project in which we'd construct a simulator to give the sense of travelling through the solar system. Everything was ok, until one night when I was just browsing through the web and looking at images of galaxies... I started to really really really get uncomfortable until I got too scared and had to close all the images.

This really bothers me because I love astronomy, but... I get terrified if I see images of galaxies with the lights off. I know this is crazy, but I can't help it.

Thank God!!
by: farwa Ashraf

OMG i love you guys.
I didn't know i had a phobia of planets until i had to do my physics project in school and just looking at the planets freaked me out!! i couldn't even look at the screen without having someone there and still can't.
No doubt angry jupiter and cold saturn are the worst for me and look so uninviting. I'm trying to come to terms with earth lol, but i think i never will overcome this phobia.
When ever i look at them i feel as though i'm going to get transported there and left alone with no way out.
Even at night sometimes i dread opening the curtains incase i look outside and jupiters there just waiting for me. I've never come across people who've shared the same phobia and thought i was weird for being freaked out by high resolution images of planets.
glad to see im not the only one :) lol

Me too!
by: Chris

Maybe this is irony, but I enjoy reading and learning about planets, yet can't stand big, high-res pics of them. Glad to see I'm not the only one...mostly because it's a difficult phobia to explain! Saturn and Jupiter are the worst, but any big round planet will do the trick for me really. Have you guys ever seen a moon ring? If you're like me I'll BET it'll creep you out !

Me too!
by: Anonymous

All the planets FREAK me out! Even Uranus and Neptune. My sister is always laughing at me. But those planets look so scary, so big, I cant look without shuttering. I'm even afraid of the moon and earth. But worst for me is the SUN. It looks like a monstrous thing.

Same as me
by: Pete

I have the same phobia :) great to know its not just me I love astronomy and space too so its hard. I am the same as you moon ok mostly, Sun okish, venus jupiter saturn nope. I have no idea why maybe when I was young I may have been reading a book about space then maybe a big voyager pic of Jupiter was on the next page maybe been young it may have been a shock no idea :)
Strange thing is i enjoy watching the film 2010 the year we make contact it has lots of Jupiter in it LOL. anyhow hope this post helps

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