Fear of Images of Destruction

by Ally

It isn't an intense fear to the point where I cry or hyperventilate, but my heart races and I feel the urge to cover my eyes with my hands or look away when I see images that I find rather hard to group without a generic sounding label. They are particular images of maps (e.g. tectonic plates maps, earth satellite photos), some images of outer space (e.g. the planets with the black backdrop of space), images of tornados, volcanos, or mushroom clouds. There may be others I can't think of at the moment or that I haven't yet discovered.

Some other pertinent information:
This involves both book and internet still photos, but not moving images (i.e. I don't have this reaction when seeing this on television).
I am fine when someone else is there, but I completely avoid viewing such pictures when alone.
Just thinking about these images doesn't produce a reaction.
Finally, I find that the larger the images, the more intense the reaction.

Here's the weird thing - I absolutely love geography, meteorology and astronomy. I love maps and I love to watch television shows on said topics (e.g. storm-chasing shows).

Is there someone else out there experiencing this? Or at least, is there someone out there who can provide further information?

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