Fear of hot air balloons and large inflatables on land or in the sky

by Jemma

I have a very strong fear of things in the sky..mainly hot air balloons..or even large inflatable objects on the ground?..I'm not afraid of normal small balloons..its things that are very big and above me..I have panic attacks if i come across anything big that is blown up!? I have no idea why but it is a horrid feeling of panic and i feel sick and awful when i see them..I don't know what i can do to help myself with this..i feel so silly what i see then I'm public..I once wouldn't get off the bus because on a balloon in the sky and have had run into the closet house i new to get away from one in the sky...I'm writing today as i have come to work and a large balloon Blimp is tied to the side of the building and i couldn't go near it to work? what is wrong with me and why am i afraid of them?? I cant explain the feeling i get when i see them...Help?!

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