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Thank you so much
by: BSG

I also thought I was the only one. I'm a highly logical person, so it's confounding for me to be so panicked and anxious about something so non-hostile and mundane. The worst image for me is seeing up inside of them. That said, seeing them in the sky FROM the sky doesn't scare me, but seeing them in the sky above me terrifies me. When they're all blowing up next to eachother I get the most overwhelmed and can't look. I am also somewhat disturbed by large ships for a similar "reason," but only really when I'm right up next to them. Being on the boat or further away is absolutely fine.

But really though, thank you to each and every person who shared their similar experience. It's somewhat comforting to know I'm not insane :D

i thought i was the only one
by: Anonymous

ever since i could remember i have been completly horriied of hot air ballons. i cant even look at one in a picture without feeling uncomfortable. i feel like its going to fall on me and inclose me inside. i really thought i was the only one with this strange fear. all of my friends dont get it though. it sucks.

Fear of inflatable objects
by: Morne

I not only have a fear for baloons or any inflatable objects, but even if my brother inflates the tyres of his car gets me freaked out. I cannot stand that sound of the compressed air. the typical psssst-sound.

Fucking hate dat shit
by: Anonymous

Hate hot air balloons . Im scared of looking at one, scared to be near them. I aint no pussy like the rest of yall who r afraid of inflatables. If im inside im fine, but if im out im scared shitless

by: Christa

I once had a nightmare as a child that I was trapped inside a large bedsheet that had inflated weirdly around me. Since then, I've been bothered by those silly inflatable Christmas globes Walmart sells, or anything inflatable with a fan. Thinking about being inside them makes me feel nauseas. If I were inside a hot air balloon and I looked up into the top, where it looks as though you're inside a large inflatable, I would probably get sick. Those inflatable planetariums, Star Lab, made me feel sick to my stomach, just because of the fan. Being inside an enclosed space that has moving air to keep it expanded just gets me so queasy. It's really rather odd.

Hate them
by: Anonymous

Im just scared of looking at one, if im inside it's fine but if im out them i get super freked out. Please help

Me Too
by: Anonymous

I have a very similar phobia. I'm terrified of large inflatables. Like those silly blow up things people put up for Halloween or Christmas, like giant snow globes. You know. The ones that involve a fan. I can't get near them or hot hair balloons (as you said) or parachutes. I think it might be a form of claustrophobia because I'm afraid they're going to pop (bounce castles) and I won't be able to get out in time and I'll be suffocated. I too feel embarrassed of this because it feels so irrational. Ive never met someone with the same phobia.

I have the same fear
by: Anonymous

I have this phobia, and my mum knows why. I went to a fair when I was younger and apparently a clown stuck his face right near mine, he was holding a bunch on balloons, and when I was little I couldn't be around balloons, bouncy castles, anything inflatable. Over the years my mum managed to get rid of the fear of balloons and bouncy castles but my fear of large inflatable objects and hot air balloons remains, my friends laugh at me about it but I understand! It's a horrible fear

by: Anonymous

I'm also deathly afraid of large inflatables - anything that is formed like an animate object. I'm not really scared of hot air balloons as much (although I'm not comfortable around them,) but any object bigger than me scares me into near paralysis. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

i hate them
by: llm!!!

why im i afraid!!!!!!

Me too!
by: Harriet

Hi - Im 21 and I also have a fear of Hot air baloons, as you said before, its also other large inflatable objects but mostly hot air baloons, I once drove my car into a ditch as i had to drive underneath one once and totally freaked out, I dont think i have always had this fear, it seems to be within the last 5 or 6 years, which is strange because normally a phobia is triggered by some kind of traumatic event, Its hard to explaine to people what scares me about them, I just hate it! I have no idea how to overcome this fear either. Harriet.

Fear of Hot Air Balloons
by: Jonathan

I have a fear of hot air ballons too. At the moment i am 13 and i feel i have been scared of them all my life. But apparently when i was 2 i went to the bristol balloon festival and was fine??? I too get a horrible feeling when i see hot air balloons. Aparantley, i'm not really scared of hot air balloons, all that happened was when i was little something really scary happened to me and then i saw a hot air balloon. So whenever i see a hot air balloon i relate it to that. But i can't remember the thing that really scared me. Like the other comment, i couldn't get out of Tesco's once because there was a hot air balloon. Anyway, i hope there is a way i can get over my fear. Thanks!

My daughter shares the phobia
by: Anonymous

Wow.. My daugter is the same way and we don't know why. Maybe those things make both of you feel overpowered because they are huge and hover over you. Almost like an ant would feel when about to be stepped on.

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