fear of hospitals

by wiz

I have always had this fear of hospital, although I semi fool myself and try to keep calm when i get home from even visiting them places i have to lay down and totally try to rest, like been totally drained of energy.

Next week I am booked to go into a hospital for a circumspection which I cancelled the 1st appointment as the thought of letting someone cut me under a local jab set me shivering, I thought this time the Doc would give me a general to knock me out but panicking again as might be a local jab.

The panicking has started, thoughts of Im going to die to the point of making my will out and putting things in some order, daft thing is I know nothing will happen but its no help.

As the panic sets in I have decided if im not given a general Im not having the operation and coming home and live with my phimosis as this week has been wrecked by the thought of been in a hospital.

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