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Same here!
by: Anonymous

Same here! Its such a horrible fear and to me its incredibly disgusting! Everytime I see clusters of holes it makes me cry and I cringe really bad and I still cant belive that not many peole are disgusted by holes.

by: grahamcracker

i know how you feel some of my friends pick on me for this they show me things with a bunch of holes. what really gives me the creeps i saw this vase of dried flowers and it had this lotus seed pod in it. i kinda stood frozen there for 2 minutes before people told me to keep walking it took everything to not to freak out and grab it and rip the seeds out of the pod

same with me
by: Anonymous

It is called Tripophobia, those holes in the sand are from little crabs coming up in the water and burrowing themselves into the sand. I got this phobia recently but it has been eating me alive. The depressing part was I used to love seeing those holes because it meant collecting sand crabs. I feel as if my whole life is ruined due to this intense fear.

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