Do You Suffer From Fear of Heights?

For several years fear of heights have made people suffer immeasurably. Have you ever peeped down from a skyscraper and felt you head tossing like a spin? You feel like you are just about to faint and fall. Yes, this is what phobia of heights is all about.

Jan Heering

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This is indeed an extremely perilous condition. For when you look down from great heights you have every possible chance of experiencing severe panic attacks. This happens because you are in a great hurry to get rid of the situation and your attempt to escape the impending danger just robs you of your rational senses.

At times, some sufferers of fear of heights become so desperate that they feel like jumping from the height to put an end to their apprehension.

Do not ever think that acrophobia and vertigo is the same. If you refer fear of heights as vertigo then you are wrongly describing the situation.

Some of the common symptoms of fear of heights

  • A hot flushed feeling

  • A rapidity in your level of heart beat

  • You suddenly start feeling afraid

  • You tend to suffer from muscle tension

  • There is occasional trembling

  • You experience shortness of breath

When you suffer from acrophobia, you tend to avoid situations like climbing a skyscraper, going on a mountainous path, climbing ladders, taking dangerous rides in amusement parks and avoiding everything got to do with extreme height and altitude.

What is the cause of people suffering from fear of heights?
Acrophobia is caused due to several reasons. It may be so that when you were a child, you may have witnessed an incident of falling down from great heights with massive psychological and physiological inflictions.

Thus, till your death whenever you face a similar situation it is likely that you will experience anxiety and panic attacks.

How can self help NLP techniques help?
If you want a quick and efficacious treatment of acrophobia then nothing can be better than self help NLP techniques.

With the help of self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming you are taught to create reality for yourself. You get an opportunity to reconstruct your psychological status and become emotionally strong in life.

Your Fear of heights will be completely eradicated with the help of effective self help NLP techniques and procedures.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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