The Untold Secrets Of Fear Of Heights Treatment

Fear of heights treatment is the most frequently used technique to counter Acrophobia or fear of height. Fear of heights is believed to be one of the most common fears that confront an individual.

Fear of heights is considered as rational and even psychologist term it as a natural fear. However, the problem really begins when the tiny fear takes the shape of an absolute phobia and the victim has to take the shelter of fear of heights phobia treatment.

Woes of acrophobia victims
The victims of acrophobia would find unsafe to live in skyscraper without any definite reason. The fear is so intense that the victims will not be at ease, while standing on the table or chair, while performing household duty. An acrophobia victim whose office is located at the top floor may not be able to give his best.

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An acrophobia victim confronted with situation that intensifies phobia may feel shortness of breath, quick heart beat and his body temperature might increase too. He might feel dizziness and even trembling.

The biggest problem with an acrophobia person is that he has mentally perceived the problem to be much more alarming than it really is.

If the fear of heights treatment is not done, the victim may miss the delightful experience of life and may have to live in constant threat of fear that is not rational.

Fear of heights treatment - options available
There are different ways of treating acrophobia. Some of the commonly methods used for fear of heights treatment are discussed below:

Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral therapy is the commonly known fear of heights treatment, which can be divided into two parts – desensitization and flooding.

In case of desensitization, the acrophobia victims are placed in a situation in a systematic way from least fearful situation to extreme fearful situation. By introducing patients to a different fearful situation, the motive is to dispel the irrational fear of victims gradually.

Contrary to desensitization, in flooding the victims are introduced directly to the most fearful situation. The logic behind this is that once the patient is exposed to extreme fearful situation, naturally the less fearful situation would not be painful.

Behavioral therapy has certain disadvantages. Desensitization approach may take a lot of time. Desensitization and flooding involves visit to places of different heights, which disturbs the normal routine.

Certain prescribed drugs in the form of tranquilizers and anti-depressants may restrict the symptoms of acrophobia. However, medication alone fails to remove the fear of height and moreover comes with side effects. Medication as a fear of heights treatment is yet to prove its significance.

Proper counseling by qualified counselor is definitely a suitable fear of heights treatment. The minds of the patients are inculcated with positive ideas to suppress irrational fear. However, it is quite difficult to remove the fear of patient in totality and this process is quite time consuming.

Self help Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Self help NLP works in a systematic and structured way to combat acrophobia.

When all other form of treatment fail to cure self-help NLP, it is considered as the final option left before victims and interestingly, it does not disappoint them.

Self help NLP changes your mental “construct” and helps you to face reality in life. It is the best and the most trusted fear of heights treatment.

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