Fear Of Heights and falling

I know this is pretty common but I have a crippling fear Of it, I think the earliest time it started was when I was at the fair with my mom and we got on the Farris wheel, I started freaking out the higher we got and then my mom started shaking the little cart and I almost started crying, now I cant even go up latters without my legs shaking, I can't get on the roof of my one story house. I try to just deal with it and the one time I did get on the roof I had sat up there most an hour not knowing how to get down before I got someone to hold thwarted latter and make sure I don't die. Tall buildings terrify me, when there is a cliff or edge without railings i have to walk the farthest distance away from it or fear falling or being pushed, watching people go look off the edge makes me cringe. When I tell people Im afraid of heights they don't take me seriously or tell me so are they then talk about wanting to sky dive or going to the empire state building and standing on top and looking over the edge. I hate that I have this fear of heights, I used to love roller coasters as a kid and there has been so many ive turned down because of how scared I was of the height, its strains me when my friends are like we should do this we should do that and I cant or feel unable to because of it.

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