How To Cure Fear Of Heights?

Acrophobia is the other name for fear of heights. It is a kind of irrational apprehension, which you may experience especially when you are standing at a height.

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The situation however, at times can get utterly dangerous if the acrophobic individual starts having occasional panic attacks and cannot really get rid of the condition. When you have this phobia, you become so confused that at times you feel like jumping from the altitude as a solution to the problem.

This is indeed pathetic. This type of fear is aptly described as a “spinning sensation”.

Causes of acrophobia
The source of the phobia is a kind of fear of falling from a height and facing the ultimate consequence of life, which is death. It may be so as a child you saw or heard about someone falling from a height and dying on the spot.

This made the fear settle on your heart and mind and you found it extremely difficult to escape the condition. Some neurologists are however, of the opinion that phobia of heights is caused when there is a sort of dysfunction in maintaining balance and the form of anxiety becomes quite apparent.

Fear of heights symptoms

  • A rapid heart rate

  • Shortness of breath

  • Muscle tension

  • A hot flushed feeling

  • Trembling

  • An immanent feeling of apprehension and fear

When symptoms are extreme, you cannot even function normally. You feel as if your whole existence is at stake.

What do you tend to avoid when you have acrophobia

  • You don't want to climb tall buildings

  • You feel afraid to climb ladders

  • You avoid visiting mountainous regions

  • You feel afraid to take amusement rides

  • You hate to look down from balconies and windows

Treatments of fear of heights
Systematic desensitization This is one of the ways to treat acrophobia without letting you to be directly exposed to the condition. This treatment takes place in levels and once you miss one, the whole system is disrupted.

Cognitive behavioral therapy This is a kind of treatment that transforms the way you think. In this way the fear as a form of unwanted thought is easily eliminated thus making you feel somewhat relaxed and comfortable. However, this sort of a therapeutic treatment may not be successful in all cases.

Hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques are other wonderful ways of treating acrophobia though their success in the matter is quite a controversial factor.

How to cure fear of heights with the help of self-help NLP techniques
Self-help Neuro Linguistic Program is all about creating reality for yourself.

With the help of these NLP techniques , you can reveal and reprogram your mental construct thereby minimizing your condition of fear of heights and absolutely eradicating it from the chapter of your life.

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