How To Eliminate Fear Of Heights

Fear of heights, also referred as acrophobia is termed as one of the most natural fears. People suffering from this phobia experience anxiety and difficulty when they come across places of high altitude.

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The existing heights phobia may lead to other complications like shortness of breath, muscle tension and heart beat at a faster rate.

People under the grip of fear of heights phobia will eschew all those encounters that involves height. An acrophobia victim would do his best to avoid climbing on ladders or moving to tall buildings.

She / he would prefer to travel on plain even if it takes much more time than traveling on mountain roads. The amusement rides is something, which an acrophobia victim cannot even think of.

The extreme irrational fear syndrome disturbs the normal course of life. There have been cases when an individual suffering from a height phobia, fears to stand on a table. In some way or other, the irrational fear isolates him and they miss the zest of life, for no valid reason.

What causes fear of heights?
Fear of falling and being hurt or killed is the most common and logical reasoning to explain heights phobia. Any normal person cannot refute this as an irrational argument. However, it is seen that acrophobia sufferer tend to react in an exaggerated manner for the problem, which really does not exist.

Experts blame this kind of eccentric behavior among acrophobia victims to the past painful experience resulting from height.

It is common and natural for human beings to fear heights. To err on the side of caution is better than to invite unwanted risk. The problem really precipitates, when an individual start complaining of fear, caused by height, that really has no ground.

If the problem is simply ignored or left untreated, it becomes stronger and such person left anywhere above ground level feels difficult and miserable. As such, those individual need proper treatment to curb acrophobia.

Fear of heights -Treatment Options
Systematic Desensitization
Unlike exposure therapy, in a systematic desensitization the fearful situation is compartmentalized into different level. An acrophobia victim is exposed to those fearful situations in an ascending way. If he clears the first situation, then only he is introduced to next level.

This method though useful, yet is quite time consuming and the results vary from individual to individual.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Cognitive behavior therapy tries to change your way of thinking, when it comes to fear in a rather logical and pragmatic manner.

However, the efficacy of this therapy in treating fear of heights is questioned.

NLP Self help
When all therapies come to standstill, the only option left before acrophobia victim is to take the shelter of NLP Self help.

NLP Self help successfully re-frames your mental constructs, thus allowing you to have a grip over your emotion and sail you out from the deluge of phobia.

NLP Self help has stood the test of time in restricting and eliminating fear of heights threat.

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